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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#40 (32.8 difficulty score)
A 49-year-old man has had the gradual onset ...
Essential thrombocythemiaπŸ”,πŸ“Ί

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submitted by link981(163),
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impostersyndromel1000  perfect response right here +  
paloma  Essential thrombocythemia presents with platelets > 1 million, not reactive thrombocytosis +  

submitted by lola915(39),

Just want to add that the pale, blue mottled finger is a symptom of essential thrombocythemia called erythromelalgia. Also a symptom in Polycythemia Vera but this dudes erythrocyte count is normal.

submitted by bubbles(70),
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submitted by haliburton(215),
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submitted by djinn(6),

Essential thromcythemia is a neoplastic proliferation of mature myeloid cells, especially platelets.

High neutrophils and eosinophils