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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#36 (36.2 difficulty score)
Which of the following drug effects is the ...

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submitted by seagull(1404),
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)1 Usign het rwod "ci"yclc edtsina of tircccyli rof raytilc

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3) nhviag to orsaen uto taht tgclihnaniiecro secetff era raboblpy the wtrso vero laha1p ro H1 teecffs ot no einc.ttray

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nlkrueger  yo, re-fucking-tweet +20  
aesalmon  I agree, I picked H1 because such a common complaint for those on TCAs is Sedation, I figure it might be so commonly seen as to be the "most common" reason for noncompliance. I suppose the "hot as a hare...etc" effects would be more severe/annoying, but I didn't think they were more common. +4  
fcambridge  I just like to pretend that there's a reason this question is now in an NBME and no longer being used for the test. Hopefully they realized the idiocy of this question like we all do +1  
link981  Since it said cyclic, I thought of using, discontinuing, then using again. These people who write these questions need take some English writing courses so they can write with CLARITY. Cyclic is not the same as Tricyclic. +5  
waterloo  Incredibly awful question. one thought I did have when deciding between anticholinergic and antihistaminic - nortriptyline and desipramine are secondary amines that have less anti-cholinergic effects (from Sketchy Pharm) so maybe that's what they were getting at? That someone went out and made a new TCA drug that would have less anticholinergic effects. +  
victor_abdullatif  This isn't testing drug epidemiology; it's actually asking "which of these side effects are caused by TCAs and would be the worst to experience?" +  

submitted by niboonsh(336),
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ri-tCyCilC attrepndseesin - iatn C r,ohgleicin C nat snatd up a(1 )ckob,l C ooxtiaridc (lopngor qt yb sgsenim w na )enslchan

waterloo  that's cool and all but there are so many side affects when it comes to TCAs. H1 antagonism, reduced libido, convulsions. +  

submitted by kard(43),
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submitted by lowyield(21),

my best guess for why anti-cholinergic is worse than adrenergic or histaminic was just b/c they stick atropine with diphenoxylate to prevent abuse (tbh tho idk if this logic stands at all but eh)

submitted by jessikasanz(4),

SSRI's make ya peepee not work, man no like when peepee not work. man stop taking SSRI. Point and Shoot: Erection= parasympathetic, so Ach is used for erections. Anticholingeric leads to lack of Ach which leads to no erection.