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all the links!cardiologyvascularrenalrespiratoryendocrinegastro-intestinalhematologyoncologyintegument (skin & connective tissue)musculo-skeletalneurologypsychiatryspecial sensesreproductivebiochemistryimmunologymicrobiologypathologypharmacologypublic health sciencesgeneral principles

All the links!

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cardiology = circulator
vascular = tubes connected to circulator
renal = acid eliminators (slow)
respiratory = acid eliminators (fast)
endocrine = signals
gastro-intestinal = converts outside-stuff to (usable) inside-stuff
hematology = circulator components
oncology = derangements
integument (skin & connective tissue) = keeps inside stuff inside
musculo-skeletal = sticks and their attachments
neurology = movement (and thinking) coordinator
psychiatry = behavior (and thinking) coordinator
special senses = outside tools
reproductive = duplication tools
biochemistry = stuff inside components
immunology = "friend or foe?"
microbiology = small things trying to hitch a ride
pathology = what happens after injury
pharmacology = system manipulators
public health sciences = assessment of system manipulators
general principles = turtles all the way down