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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 4/Question#33 (35.0 difficulty score)
A 38-year-old single woman with a history of ...

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submitted by joha961(44),
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djeffs1  Not if you're sexist and think its inappropriate for women to participate in kickboxing... +  

submitted by kernicterusthefrog(126),
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"hse esefl epaprih adn emor aedlexr" fraet itnsgart gk:obinxkic isht is a RETMUA edefnes imamencsh (ilsscca betxootk miiubstnola, sa hsa eebn adsi). hTis usiqteno si tjus nplia go.wrn Its' ton pelietsn,mcad saeubec 'tis a l,tahyhe yoacllis catlepcaeb eotutl atht pmosrvei her enamiloot aset;t cnnhiupg bsag are maten ot be cnuedhp suth( it si tayulacl NOT a.rlneu)t seitcDlmnape to na jocteb duowl eb gunnhpic a lohe in rhe awl,l or nbaegirk erh eavs (I sjtu keil atth r).giyeam otBh fo oseht wodul eb terbet nhat pgnunich erh y,mfali ro gbeirkna htrei car ,wndiow hcihw si yhw 'its pnileatdsecm nuicsoucno(s iortncdiere of na tmioeno to a refas .)jcebto e,Hwroev cgnxibkiko is ILLTLAERY na meelxpa ni evlarse pycsh oetbksxto rof alisinubmot. hkaTn uyo for miocng to ym TED kl.aT

jaxx  Meanwhile, I thought everything was wrong so I went with another Mature defense mechanism. +13  
happyhib_  What if, just what if. Her taking time to do lessions was actually hurting her children by her having less time to spend with them and in turn not providing good care for them. (less of a mature defense mech now). Trust me I agree completely just not best answer, but given what we are given you could argue beyond that; amboss even says "a mom showing her feelings of anger towards the child instead of the actual problem, the husband". So in a way she is not addressing her actual problem (which she COULD address). +  
kernicteruscandycorn  I support your assertion, fellow kernicterus +  

submitted by paperbackwriter(123),
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I tog so grnya at isht stuq.enio tA latse hits ydal dha a hnpucnig agb

submitted by borborygnoramus(4),
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sA best as I lduco ltle, it asw dneiltmcesap ceaesub eth toreh hsceico reew tenydlieif wg,orn ton /cb inactpdselem saw a oodg h.ociec elFt eikl hteer rewe ltso fo hsti tpey of snutoiqe on this axem.

diffuseaxonalinjury  I ended up choosing displacement bc sublimation wasn't there + in the beginning of the question, it said "she's angry at her family for not helping her" so my thought was she's displacing her anger about her child's illness on her family (a neutral 3rd party). wack question regardless. +12