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Welcome to happyhib_’s page.
Contributor score: 2

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jaxx  Meanwhile, I thought everything was wrong so I went with another Mature defense mechanism. +13  
happyhib_  What if, just what if. Her taking time to do lessions was actually hurting her children by her having less time to spend with them and in turn not providing good care for them. (less of a mature defense mech now). Trust me I agree completely just not best answer, but given what we are given you could argue beyond that; amboss even says "a mom showing her feelings of anger towards the child instead of the actual problem, the husband". So in a way she is not addressing her actual problem (which she COULD address). +  
kernicteruscandycorn  I support your assertion, fellow kernicterus +  

submitted by liltr(23),
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I coesoh PMV ,oot but tish iptnaet’s mnai tpysmom is choug onyl rgindu esreecx.i shiT si mero eidavcniit of deexrisce soatcisaed thasm.a You oducl ees sesrthons of eathbr ni MVP guidnr ecesx,eir tub gioscnoh PMV leevas the ugohc antdunucceo .rfo

.ooo.   I agree! Also, At the end of the stem, the question is which of the following best explain the patients symptoms? Not physical exam findings. Since this patient is coming in with a chief complaint of SOB while playing sports exercise induced asthma is the best choice. Hopefully that helps. +15  
uslme123  I mean... couldn't increased BP during exercise worsen his MVP and give him SOB? +  
uslme123  (by causing slight regurg) +1  
yotsubato  "Lungs are clear to auscultation" +6  
sahusema  But wouldn't choosing exercise-induced asthma leave the murmur unaccounted for? +  
cienfuegos  I incorrectly chose malingering and am wondering if the fact that he presented (although it doesn't state who brought him in/confirmed his symptoms while exercising) makes this less likely despite the fact that he clearly states "I don't want to play anymore" which could be interpreted as a secondary gain? Also, regarding the MVP, I'm wondering if the fact that these are usually benign should have factored into our decision to rule it out? Thoughts? +2  
cienfuegos  Just noticed that he has FHx, game changer. +1  
kimcharito  clear lungs, they try to say no cardiogenic Pulm. edema, means is not due to MVP shortness of breath while doing sports and no shortness at rest makes me to think more asthma induced by exercise) +1  
pg32  Isn't exercise induced asthma usually found in people running outside, especially in cold weather? I feel like that is how it is always presented in NBME questions, so this threw me off. Not to mention the MVP. +  
happyhib_  it took me a little; the FHx really pushed me to exercise induced. I was also looking at malingering but there wasnt a real reason to push me to this (as a doctor it would be sad to be like hes faking it becasue he doesnt want to play sports with out being sure first; led me away because there wasnt enough pointing there). Also MVP could be slightly benign and is very common and usually no Sx and his lungs were clear as was rest of exam. All pushed to Asthma +  
mittelschmerz  I think MVP on its own shouldnt cause SoB with cough (in a question, I'm sure it could in the real world). In the world of NBME questions where you need to follow the physiology perfectly, you would need some degree of MR that lead to LV dysfunction/vol overload, and theres no pulmonary edema nor an S3 that point us towards that. Malingering would have to be faked for gain, and theres no external gain here or evidence that he's faking symptoms. You would also need to r/o physical illness before diagnosing malingering, which hasnt been done. Cold weather is certainly known for exacerbating EIA and are the exam buzzwords, but any exercise can absolutely be a trigger +2  

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Ok I gte htta fi 500 dryleaa eahv eht iedssea thne eth kris oopl si odpdrep ot 2000 snusttde utb eth qsutioen eaclcyfipils yass that het test si odne a raye 500 eoplep dha ahimacyl,d oyu wdluo trtae .mthe uoY od'nt bomeec immnue to hdlmycaai rtfea intfceoni os tehy uoldw go bkac otni hte krsi oop,l angenim het lopo wulod urentr to 2500. eTh nrwsae hdlous eb 8,% sith swa a bad sqeonitu.

thepacksurvives  Yeah, this was my issue. I got it wrong because of this-- still don't understand the logic bc you can get chlamydia multiple times +5  
hungrybox  FUCK you're right. Damn I didn't even think about that. That's fucking dumb. I guess this is why nobody gets perfect scores on this exam lol. Once you get smart enough, the errors in the questions start tripping you up. Lucky for me I'm lightyears behind that stage lmao +9  
usmile1  to make it even more poorly written, it says they are doing a screening program for FIRST YEAR women college students. So one year later, are they following this same group of students, or would they be screening the incoming first years? +5  
dashou19  I think the same at first, but after a second read, the question stem said "additional" 200 students, which means the first 500 students don't count. +  
santal  @hungrybox You are me. +2  
neovanilla  @usmile1 I was thinking the exact same thing... +1  
happyhib_  I agree this is a trash question; I was like well if this is done yearly for new freshman the following year would be of the new class (but the word additional made me go against this). Also you could assume that they were treated and no longer have the disease... I dont like it honestly but know for incidence they want you to not include those with disease so i just went with dogma questions on incidence to get to 10% +  

submitted by mcdumbass(21),

I thought thought measuring a gas in the blood only measures partial pressure of dissolved gas in the blood

schistosite  Yeah, me too...the fact that they expect us to assume that HCO3- is counted in their measurement for CO2 concentration is absolutely absurd. +2  
happyhib_  they tell you measured is around 24 and 22 or some bs but give "mM"; if you look at the lab sheet HCO3 has a units in mM and normal is 22-28 = they are not just looking at partial pressure's. +1  
an_improved_me  Yea,.. Suprisingly in clinic, when you are measuring important parameters in the blood (think fish-bone diagram), you actually use HCO3- as an approximation for CO2 in the blood (so you use the value in CO2 when calculating like the anion gap or something) +  

submitted by uslme123(65),
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happyhib_  his bp was something like 130/50; with diastolic around 50 I figured he couldnt have increased SVR because his diastolic would be higher? +1  
trazobone  I had this same reasoning I completely glossed over the BP 🤦🏻‍♀️ +  

submitted by the260guy(15),
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Btu e'sreh my bpermlo twih hits otisenqu: it asys atht hes ahs a 5 yda ihyrots fo SBO dna ewlolsn gse.l oS uiblvyoos teh atehr si i.giflna I kcepid Deraeescd kSetor meolVu ofr htta reona.s

nwinkelmann  AV fistulas are one cause of high-output cardiac failure. This person presents with heart failure, but it is due to chronically increased resting CO. +2  
lukin4answer  @nwinkelmann yes thats right, he has failing heart. but question is asking what is the finding of this patient, I understand the cause is Fistula causing high output failure, but they didn't ask the reason of his HF, they are asking the finding. I choose decrease Stroke VOlume :/ +  
happyhib_  This was my logic and got to decreased stroke volume as well; they arent asking what caused his HF or anything it says what is the most likley finding in this patient. If his heart is failing due to LVH from consistent increased CO wouldnt he AT THIS VERY MOMENT WITH his heart failing have decreased stroke volume?.. +  

submitted by paloma(8),
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ahWt baotu marypuoln vaurscal rn?tseeisca tI lslwofo eht smsitecy ascavulr sia?nstceer

cooldudeboy1  crackles are heard bilaterally so there is pulm patho which leads to increased pulm vascular resistance, since systemic blood flows into the lungs. any block in the flow ahead (lungs) will increase resistance in flow behind ( systemic ) +3  
mrglass  This patient is hypoxic increased diffusion distance. This causes pulmonary vasoconstriction. Ordinarily this response is designed to shunt blood to parts of the lungs that are well ventilated, but the response is maladaptive in global hypoxia +3  
happyhib_  I dont believe decreased venous oxygen tension would lead to pulmonary vasoconstriction (this is typically in the setting of low PAO2 you see this; shunting blood away from poorly oxygenated alveoli). You can get to increased pulmonary vascular resistance due to pulm edema from Left heart failing leading to fluid overload in pulm vasculature). +