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Welcome to djinn’s page.
Contributor score: 6

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 +1  (nbme22#40)

Essential thromcythemia is a neoplastic proliferation of mature myeloid cells, especially platelets.

High neutrophils and eosinophils

 -1  (nbme21#5)

Low afterload > high CO

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submitted by bubbles(69),
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impostersyndromel1000  this is one of those Qs where you just dont over think it and focus on your first point, that they are comparing a group with the disease vs (potentially) one without it. Thats what i took from it at least (sorry fi this is too late) +3  
tiagob  Why is not Cohort ? since it compares groups exposed to drug X? +  
djinn  Cohort studies determines end of disease and CC determines begins +3  

submitted by nosancuck(86),
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lostweightthxnorovirus  wherever you learned biostats I wanna learn ;) +10  
djinn  Sensitivity is the rate of true positives. Beta is the rate of false negatives. +  
helsinki  ... yeah you're definitely a white man +1  

submitted by monoloco(136),
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sympathetikey  Agreed -- went with E. Coli like a dingus, just because I didn't associate DIC with S. Pneumo. Thought it was too easy. +  
chillqd  Isn't E. Coli also an encapsulated organism? What makes Strep pneumo more likely in this question just because its the more common cause? +25  
studentdo  Pseudomonas aeruginosa is encapsulated as well. I think the right answer has to do with DIC but why? +1  
mgoyo89  The only reason i found was S. pneumo is more common, I went with Pseudomonas because of the "overwhelming sepsis" :( +1  
kard  Everyone is correct about the Encapsulated microbes, but this is one of those of "MOST LIKELY", and by far the most likely is S.Pneumo>>H.infl>N.Mening. (omitting that patients with history of splenectomy must be vaccinated. +1  
djinn  Gram negative are more common in DIC my friends +2  
drzed  Correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure that E. coli is NOT a common cause of pneumonia because it must be aspirated to enter the lung. Thus, only patients with aspiration risk (e.g. stroke, neurogenic conditions) would be at a chance of getting E. coli pneumonia. +1  

submitted by fkstpashls(18),
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djinn  I dont think the autor was a savant. Also I think is right proccess to think "cancer" can be bilateral and malignant but the "drug" that causes this isnt HCT. This question is bad written. +1  
hungrybox  According to Pathoma, galactorrhea is NOT associated with cancer ever (see 16.1 - breast pathology). +  
djeffs1  according to strugglebus's numbers its more likely to be b/l cancer than thiazides... +