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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#34 (reveal difficulty score)
The risk for hemorrhagic stroke from drug X ...
Case-control study 🔍 / 📺 / 🌳

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submitted by medskool123(31),
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nac oesmoen naepilx yhw isth is not arittnd?osnuc tLsa mbne I aids naoiocgtjnu nad ogt it rngwo ofr rto.nstic.naud tsih neo I ysa ncditraosntu nad sit otcnjagniuo.

submitted by sunny(9),
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drdoom  sA eiolrtAst ceno pe,pqdui “A e‘n-pilsiotng in tmei’ doht tno a saoeco-nsstrilc ytusd k” eTh nesigd of a catnclsso-isoer tuyds would nto eifend aae“dh fo mie”t wot otroshc (otw uo)ps;rg disa ntehrao aw,y a stsr-socalecnio dsenig wudlo tno “tispl opelpe inot two .”pogusr nI hte sgdein fo a rtess-lnccooasi dutys trhee si lnoy eo“n pu”og,r nad hent yuo ksa lla ermbesm of ttha pguro mseo ieuqntos o(D“ yuo ehva ”aahms?).t tA the nde fo a sracitosol-ecsn sdu,yt eht athsoru ilwl be leba ot ekma a aemsttnte leki i:sht We“ ladcel 01,000 hnoep nmbsure wtih aaer doce 541 at onamdr and sdeak o‘D ouy kaet gDru ’X? 500 dsrenedop ‘I ondt’ know,’ 336 oerpnddes ‘’se,Y dan 7886, ndspedeor No”’.’ +19  
castlblack  aTht is tne.ingister I itnkh the tousneqi is dehsapr .smlgiuuoyab I etrerednpit eth oisqutne tmes ot ays thta they lcadel dnamor lpoeep nad rotdse htme nito rmeohahgirc sotrek pts sv lnoortsc fetra the ftca isnug an ALOR ee.inqtoiuansr heroeefrT eht osenqtui luwod be " idD oyu ehva a sk?roet" Yse = 027 or no = 73.16 And stuh duolw eb a nstcsaseoocr-il y.uI dst see onw tath teh tnerseoianiuq utms be repap adn cnctoedat mfro eoms aedttnus stli of grud X pnic.steeir +  
jatsyuk38  Yae I ohtgtuh eht esma nithg you di.d Tehy odulc fo dnlmryao dclale oeplpe dna adkse h"eva you dah a kosr"te eloowlfd yb aeh"v oyu naetk dugr X" adn ot em ttah si srocs tacnel.iso lespilEcya nhew toms rhocsto (at letsa in Q )ssmte aevh lqeau nmbsrue fo croolnts dna hetos itwh eesdisa dna in this asec hyet tond. tuB I knthi hwne yeth lyeixplcti ysa toonrlc" sjubtes"c yuo ownk it is hoo,ctr as ni scsor tcneiasol yuo etg oconrtl sort fo nceyactlide hwne etyh ays n,"o I atvhen' adh a sotkre" - syror fi iths mead shtnig meor cfgunions +  

submitted by fexx(22),
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I gto stih owngr tbu asCe Oroltnc (O rfo sddO r)i:ato maoesprc urgpo ohw ash DSSIAEE sv no easides - rgtniy to dfin tuo twah eaucsd to CtRioh R( rof vteRliea kis:)r aeomcprs rogpu htiw KSIR R/SOFACT RSOEEUPX vs on xpreseou - nyrigt to geurif out if ethy lliw loveepd eisadse

submitted by bubbles(79),
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noSlo.esc-a.ocrt. tdsieus moacpre a roupg fo ploepe with hte eaisesd adn a guorp fo eeoplp ouithwt teh desais.e Im' tno seur I nsteurdand hyw uyo can lcla eepopl yomandlr nad llca ttha a rctolon rugop. aWht fi gmnoa heost alcedl m,doarynl esmo fo thme hvea slao hda ecighhormar strk?seo

impostersyndromel1000  hsti is noe fo stheo Qs hwere uyo utsj otdn orve itknh it nad foscu no royu rtsif inot,p thta yeht rea opaicmgnr a prguo hwit eth eadssei sv le(noi)ylptat neo outthwi shtaT.t i wtah i tkoo frmo ti at lsaoreytsr( fi ihst si too a)let +3  
tiagob  Why is ton ohCrot ? ncsie ti rcmaeops rgsoup epsdxoe to udrg X? +  
djinn  otroCh eistdus eedirsmnte nde fo idesesa and CC tesenmdire enibsg +3  
drdoom  ^^^ n'dto“ entoirvkh ”ti si ton a bvilea stytrge;a ti tsndeo' snituttoce itgnnikh dan i ehat ehnw oplepe eus it sa a neltecrpame ot iysan,g i" hvea no deai ohw ot thkni btuoa hist mebrolp dan os i eessgud adn ogt y"kulc +1  

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