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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#5 (41.0 difficulty score)
A 74-year-old man with emphysema and lung ...
Negative nitrogen balanceπŸ”

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submitted by keycompany(301),
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drdoom  Nice! +18  
dubywow  I knew your last sentence and suspected Kwashiorkor. It's just everything else I did not know. I have not heard or thought of muscle/protein changes in terms of "nitrogen balance" before... and that's why I got this wrong. Nice explanation! +3  
macrohphage95  I agree with you in first part but i dont think it has any relation to kwashirkor. It is simply due to cachexia which causes muscle destruction through the proteasome pathway .. +3  
zevvyt  also, it says that his albumin is low. +  

submitted by bking(2),

I understand the edema is from decreased protein- why is Starvation Ketosis wrong? Couldn't his proteins be degraded through this process: Protein--Amino acids-- Acetyl CoA-- Ketones

waterloo  negative nitrogen balance better explains the edema. +  
courtney  I might be totally wrong but I don't think you can technically be in ketosis if you have glucose around and in this case, the patient eats only carbs +  

submitted by lovely(0),
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submitted by pparalpha(83),
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hello  Glygocen stores are depleted within 24h. This person has signs and symptoms of longterm nutritional deficiences. +2  
raffff  it would not explain the edema, yes +  
drzed  Also the warburg phenomenon has to do with cancers preferentially taking up glucose; there is no indication that he has cancer. +  
haydenelise  The first sentence says that he has lung cancer. +2