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Welcome to imgdoc’s page.
Contributor score: 128

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 +0  (nbme24#8)

I thought of it as, a Beta agonist would cause vasodilation, and reflex tachycardia, her pulse is already at 100, so it would jump higher. She could get palpitations and tremors. Probably the least likely explanation out of the rest though.

 +3  (nbme23#48)

I just realized that the answer I selected would've been considered passive aggressive: "Have you considered talking to a faith healer to see if there are any other measures you should try?"


 +9  (nbme23#16)

Explanations for this are too complicated. Think of it like this:

You've got a piece of mutated DNA that is able to be digested by a restriction endonuclease, that means the DNA was transcriptionally available to begin with. AKA it was not methylated, because as we know, methylation = heterochromatin which is transcriptionally inactive. that means methylase was mutated

Only other plausible answer was DNase, and if it was mutated it would be inactive, not overactive.

 +24  (nbme20#20)
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ouY can csosr tou het top erhte swerna ciohc,se ,AC.,B You wont be nbgboearris haytngni ni the CTP ni n'ocanisf mydo.sner gLinkoo at poie,klhayam ,inreatpmhoya nad ytehhphpaooipmsa wo.n laipmkoyaeH cna't be ctrcreo cbueeas veen ugohht ositupsma si slto it lwil eb dobberaser ta het tlrea thcki dneaincsg ploo and if that odstne emak nees,s het odby lwil stjuad orf wol mruse amtsupios tbu ncavgittia hte +HK+/ pupm no l.cels tI st'ni ripahoaneytm bsceeau ta teh igcncllteo ctdu ipplncari lls,ce rebrisnotopa iwll cou.rc hiTs sealev ypeastmhaohppohi sa het trocecr and ylon snarew .ichoec

imgdoc  by* +2
larascon  Excellent explanation, thank you ! +1
waterloo  It's worth mentioning, that 25% of Na is reabs in the thicc ascending limb. 67% of filtered Na is reabsorbed in the PCT, whereas 85% of phosphate reabsorbed in the PCT. So pt more likely to show Hypophos. +
coconut  UWorld QID:7626 says lab results in people with Fanconi syndrome will show hypokalemia +

 +1  (nbme20#43)
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I nowk i'st tpgmiten ot nkthi htta thsi mya eb onnegdAr initssnvtyiie eoysnrmd but tsi ,ton rfo ti to eb IAS rehte eended to be na necirsae ni nottseetr.eso In htis sace it wsa in eht marnol aegrn rof a f.lmeea Now htta we kwon the ropens is einlfdeity aefelm ;g-&t rlaunleMi agseeins ebomecs hte steb reanws.

 +18  (nbme21#33)
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I tohthug tboau ti eikl hsti: ttPaeni si nvaghi cogiechpysn DE - sti lla ni ihs ,adeh idobil si amolrn dna altnuonrc eosncreti ear n.lamor

fI sih tereTtsnosoe elevl swa owl - Loidib .rdsdaeeec I f ish evurnos ytsmse pyp/ierpymtcatctsaahmhiesta)( aws adgmdea - locatnunr nitcoeers adeed.cres

epoH htsi .hpels

sars  Idk about this. My thoughts: -libido is a product of testosterone and emotions (psychogenic) -tumescence is a product of pelvic splanchnics S2-S4 (parasympathetic) -patient's issues are 1 month old (aka recent) and his wife died 2 years ago & testosterone is normal (therefore libido normal) -patient can jack off, therefore penile stimulation reflex arc is intact and pelvic splanchnics are working (nocturnal tumescence normal) +

 +6  (nbme21#12)
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Teh lacicnil ntsoapnetrei is htat fo wlore maalodbin na,ip ef,erv dan .chllis hiTs eolna aemd me ihntk it saw na yiaftmaolrmn erp.ossc oAls the intsoeuq assy ethre aer 3 arepaset ypolor imdleeidt einrosg fo nrwora lnmeu. sA far sa ruivteecal osilict is ednccorn,e heert ear on pksi loissne, ti is toounscinu wrvereeh ti is. shTi pdluoec wthi teh triysoh of tniointcopsa meaks istcltridieivu the steb eanrws ohic.ce

lovebug  I know it's silly Q. but why not C) Granulomatous colitis? lol. thank you! +

 +0  (nbme21#15)
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ocelcilIo /it(ie)nrrsesmoyfic itrecmense )o(a,plrt nda sclepni (eltpr/olf)at laner (sseci)myt ear hte onyl wot smroyoiptscte ushtn nsio.otp fO wchhi leipscn nad eftl elarn is eht ESBT ooitpn fo eht two sutj dbaes on thrie mxtoyprii ot hte pelogaseah srvi.eca

msyrett  ileocolic vein is a portal vein, it empties into the Superior Mesenteric Vein +1

 +2  (nbme21#33)
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iuQonets pntssere na usrnmsdpiempuseo ptateni tiwh rahs reov het olwre kacb hiwch is riurcpit. esiclseV l(slam uidlf lfelid ertslsb)i era spreten hiwt tdesa/teucruerdlc iselons alos undof ni atth aea.r sihT si valrecail eztrso n:eoniiftc meutilpl cspor fo olessni in uasrivo atessg mrfo viselces ot t.srusc

 +7  (nbme21#4)
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hTis tneuisqo is snigka obuta the lniinus peretcor rotisyne inskea tyw.apah So etka it ofmr treh,e

  1. heT ayloopstorhpnhi fo eht RIS iscvaatte a alsign nrtusticanod cdaesca ttha aldse to hte catnavitio of ehtor essnika sa lwel as rsonniatiprct otcsafr taht emaedti eht elcllitrnaaur stfecfe of in.snilu clpaiCcetrmasNlu/yo lsuhtntgi - eys reresivb)el(

  2. /nneehenroeSirTi esasikn rea asol nokwn to edceru the itctvyia of lnisn.iu - yes eb()veslrrie

  3. iitUnqibu - tiemddae posiyteolrs - on tno( ieveb)srler, nad olas lnisniu mllaclobteiay aserecsin eitnrpo esishtyns so ti oe'dstn htamc what niunlis sdeo aw.yyans

trrocec me if 'Im

usmle11a  i think youre correct cause ubiquitin mediated proteolyis is an irreversible step. +1

 +0  (nbme21#48)
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I khnit the eswanr wsa ssoscnenu ebsucae eht ruarsog"t"se kaa yamfli semerbm nhatve eilardbeetd ty.e fI htsi swa tefar ehrit lorenaeiibtd nad hety aeir,geds hten it egos epsuos ;-> audtl hlnrdeci t;&g- petrnas &t-g; bsiglsin etc. Teh seitoqun eds'ont tmienon yan endaet,ermsigs enche hety eend ot ecddie iulvyemculta dna ekma a edo.ciins

thaT asw tjus ym etak on tshi snu.ieoqt

 +6  (nbme21#11)
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ycslaalBi htsi oiusetnq jtsu sksa wth"a is r"ewpo nad sksa you to aplixen tath 0%8 rPoew si 1 - etab (type 2 orer,)r saiacylbl ehwn a idecfnefer iexsts dan het llnu siyesophht is eetrcdje is wopr.e So if eth xR testcde a eanm efinceedfr of .40 in hmaats in eth itntapes ni the enetmttra ,gprou nhet htta tada fslla ni het 80% reopw gnra,e nda sti igaisfccnien is 9%5 t&5p,;0(l.)0 P uavel si jtus het obartpiilyb fo nhsteiogm nhginaepp yb ,nhccae so yuo ahwt stih to eb slse ttah %5 so etarhewv uyo obedevrs ni'ts

I peoh ihts epdle,h dna trrceco me if 'mI wong.r

yssya1992  I have a question : whats the relation then between power and P value ? +
privatejoker  This one took me a minute and was during the last block so my brain was already fried. But my reasoning was that, as stated above, since it gave you power, it is basically just a long-winded way of asking what Power is, and how this relates to p-value. P-value is the odds that the finding was due to chance alone. Obviously a p-value set to <0.05 implies a greater than 95% chance that the finding is legit. Since the power is said to be 80%, this means that there is an 80% chance that the study finding is legit, at least insomuch that it met the pre-set criteria of being 95% non-chance related. +
sahusema  80% chance (power) the study correctly identifies the existence of an association in reality. If an association is determined to exist, >95% chance the study and reality agree with each other (p<.05) +1

 +25  (nbme22#37)
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I nhtki its teh rgtih FLM er(aa ),C ton the rghti cdneabsu ueunslc htta is donlseie no the sorsc eotisc.n If eth ausedcbn sucnleu rewe ieelonds esh wtlodun' hvae tcnibdaou ni reh eltf The MLF seteaidm scors klta btweeen eth bedncsau elcsunu on hbot eidss to eth FML no the epootspi ised 2( nuacebsd ecnl,ui 2 MFL oen on eahc edi.s) nI hre s,cae her tighr MLF tns'aw octuingnifn enhce hwy hse asw nizgga tlef but reh hirtg melddi setrcu nwast' ngtcoaicnt ot eatimde dewrtlaf .geza

hTis icueprt s:elhp -/p2Fte.0mwn//w4uobhht-lwhnuptscp9/-tohppc_mom0aw25td:a/1tt/gjoe/.h1n

imgdoc  *medial rectus +

 +19  (nbme22#1)
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I hkint toal of opelep thmgi ahev erov pzedaehims hwo nrtoitmap NAP adn BNP lryela a,er yes it si nitarotpm to wokn hetse pesipted get rctsdeee yb teh nce/rlliturivaraat arcmdouymi grnudi etrha ifr.ealu Hrewoev rieht olrvael vteicfssfeeen in ittarneg rteha reaflui is lzhci, a prcreetop lodt em thta if NAP and NBP eerw os leusuf in uiaissterrn tneh ywh do we gvei tiei?cursd It's ueecsab RAAS eorrwesopv htis tmssye eench gnicusa engetavi esfcfet nda teh elesdsn olpo fo aetrh ieuafl.r AKA hwy we iegv ACE trioiibhn.s

Kowignn that PAN stge ldteuinerza by teh SRAA yt,mess we can isfth ruo cofus cabk to ahetr rleufia ni hsti in,tpaet hrewe rcidaac ttpuou si aerdcesed, aneilgd ot AHD eticreons nda finlyal atiildonul imya.onperhta

almondbreeze  a concept continuously emphasized by uw, but I get always wrong :'( +1
almondbreeze  good work done! +
raffff  why does the body make anp at all since its so useless +3
makinallkindzofgainz  @raffff - at least BNP gives us a good marker for heart failure exacerbations :) thanks body! +
mannan  Yeah it's important clinically because it has a high sensitivity (if negative, rule out) for Heart failure. +
alimd  At the same time ANP inhibits renin release? +

Subcomments ...

submitted by imgdoc(128),
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uYo nac rscos tuo eth top trehe sewrna chsi,eco B,CA., ouY twon be obisrrneagb gntainyh in eth PCT ni consaifn' .meoyndrs nLokigo ta amoeplihk,ay e,aapimrytohn dna soheyhahmaipoppt wno. ilpyoaHkmae n'cat be crocrte bcseuea nvee tgohhu sosmutaip is otsl it illw be baredrboes ta teh aertl kthci dniaegnsc pool and if that esodtn meak ,enses eht yobd will tajdsu fro wlo seurm ussipotma utb tiniacgtva hte ++K/H upmp on slecl. It ns'ti nmotpyairhae bacseue at eht occtlegnil dcut cipailnrp clse,l rrbiotpnoaes liwl o.rccu sThi aeeslv mpohepyihtaoasph as eht rceoctr nda lyno nserwa c.hceio

imgdoc  by* +2  
larascon  Excellent explanation, thank you ! +1  
waterloo  It's worth mentioning, that 25% of Na is reabs in the thicc ascending limb. 67% of filtered Na is reabsorbed in the PCT, whereas 85% of phosphate reabsorbed in the PCT. So pt more likely to show Hypophos. +  
coconut  UWorld QID:7626 says lab results in people with Fanconi syndrome will show hypokalemia +  

submitted by celeste(68),
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Weilh hte efiemilt irks ni eht egnlera tpnlipouao is ujts woebl 1,% it si .%56 ni reerdfiet-sg lsaetevri of ttepsain nad it srsei ot moer than 40% in iomotozngyc stiwn of cetedaff plp.oee lnyazinAg sailscc esuisdt fo het gcetenis fo ochhsanieirpz onde sa rlaye as in 3,019s schFire uceloscdn hatt a ncodcnercao reta orf ochiyssps of atbuo 0%5 ni yigotzcnoom tsinw esmes ot eb a tcealiris ttsiaeme, ihchw is ngaifnisytilc irehgh ntha atth in tczgoidyi wnsti of oabtu 1–19%0 (3hcin/nr.9ml#n4/.voiC5r/i.Mgesb/3e6l2accpPt6mf)

imnotarobotbut  How is one supposed to know this before having read this article? +25  
imgdoc  This question falls under the either you know it or you dont category. It isnt in FA or Uworld +  
jaxx  So why would these A-holes put it on there as if prepping for this exam isn't stressful enough :-| +7  
doodimoodi  Lol just why seriously +2  
champagnesupernova3  This was mentioned in the Kaplan behavioral videos +  

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tI disa it swa talfa to selma ni eurot, dna het oeiqntsu dksea oabut vile nbro eniSc teh emsla art’ne bgein onbr ni eht stfri la,cpe I dasi 05% fealems nad %0 ms.ale

hungrybox  fuck i got baited +26  
jcrll  "live-born offspring" ← baited +11  
sympathetikey  Same :/ +  
arkmoses  smh +  
niboonsh  why is it 50% females tho? +2  
imgdoc  felt like an idiot after i figured out why i got this wrong. +1  
temmy  oh shit! +  
suckitnbme  This isn't exactly right as males can still be born as evidenced by individuals III 6,9,11. This basically an x-linked recessive disease. A carrier mother can still pass her normal X chromosome to a son (50% chance). It's just that the other 50% chance of passing an affected X chromosome results in death of the fetus in utero. Thus all males actually born will not be affected. +2  
makinallkindzofgainz  @suckitnbme, Correct, but if you're a live-born male, you 100% for sure do NOT have the disease, so the chance of a live-born male "being affected" is 0. +3  
spow  @suckitnbme it's not X-linked recessive, otherwise every single son would be affected and therefore have died in utero. It's X-linked dominant +2  
qball  Jail-baited +  

submitted by cantaloupe5(69),
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sThi eon saw icrkty utb I ktnhi uoy duc’ovel edno tihs noe withtuo olwekgend fo NDAM .seorerpct mtSe todl yuo thta tutealamg tsieavtac obth oDnNnMA- nad NAMD teocrrpes utb it evcatitad yoln nonMAND- ropsceert ni het ryael hpeas. Taht easnm DNAM rteospcre caevaitt ferat nNDAno-M eporr.stec hatT asnme isnhtoemg aws eydnailg NMDA ptoecrre ctivigatan adn eth lony rnaews tath aemd neses sa teh Mg bnngitiihi MNDA at intgres tpneait.lo Once het llce si rdapeedziol yb oMn-NnDA ,rtorpscee ANMD cerpsoetr cna eb davct.atei

hungrybox  I forgot/didn't know this factoid and narrowed it to the correct answer and a wrong answer. Guess which one I chose? +11  
yotsubato  >That means something was delaying NMDA receptor activating and the only answer that made sense as the Mg inhibiting NMDA at resting potential. What makes the fasting gating kinetics choice incorrect then? +5  
imgdoc  NMDA receptors are both voltage gated and ligand gated channels. Glutamate and aspartate are endogenous ligands for this receptor. Binding of one of the ligands is required to open the channel thus it exhibits characteristics of a ligand channel. If Em (membrane potential) is more negative than -70 mV, binding of the ligand does NOT open the channel (Mg2+ block on the NMDA receptor). IF Em is less negative than -70 mV binding of the ligand opens the channel (even though no Mg2+ block at this Em, channel will not open without ligand binding. Out of the answer choices only NMDA receptors blocked by Mg2+ makes sense. Hope this helps. +5  
divya  sweet explanation imgdoc +  

submitted by imgdoc(128),
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I kitnh tis hte rgtih FLM reaa( ,C) ont eth rhigt ebsadnuc escnulu thta is senlieod no eth rscos oncsite. fI the bcdunaes cnusule wree iedseonl hse unld'wot evah ciaubdton in her tfel ee.y eTh LMF easeditm corss tlka eebtewn hte snceudba lscuune no btoh sdsie to eht MFL no het itpoeops dsei (2 ubsacdne ielcu,n 2 MFL noe no ehca di.s)e In reh ,ceas her ghirt LFM ntaw's fniuonncitg cneeh why she was gignza eflt btu ehr tirgh midedl etcrus s'watn ntgcniocat to deaetim ldrwftea

hiTs iucpter h:psle w0ol/0etwgp4/-/9t-obn-Fh2:en/hwmpt._.pmh15on/2t/op1ctatu/ctshujahpwmd

imgdoc  *medial rectus +  
quip13  This shows the MLF pathway in a saggital cut: +