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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#18

A 13-year-old boy is brought to the physician for a ...


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submitted by meningitis(178),

Tanner stages start at TEN years old

Stage I:

  • I is flat, as in flat chest;
  • I is alone, as in no sexual hairs.

Stage II (2): stage II starts at 11 y/o (II look like 11)

  • 2 balls (testicular enlargement)
  • 2 hairs (pubic hairs now appearing)
  • 2 breast buds form

Stage III (3): starts at 13 y/o

  • If you rotate 3, it looks like small breasts (Breast mounds form);
  • If you squiggle the III they look like curly+coarse pubic hair
  • Increased penis length and size can be represented by: II --> III
    (your penis was thin II but now its thicker III)

Stage IV (4): starts at 14 y/o

  • First imagine: The I in IV represents the thigh, and the V in IV looks like the mons pubis between your legs:
    MEANING: you have hair in mons pubis (V) but you have a border detaining the hair from growing into thighs.
  • The V is pointy, as in now the breasts are pointy (raised areola or mound on mound)

Stage V (5): 15 y/o

  • V has no borders detaining hair from growing into thighs (pubic hair + thigh hair)
  • 5 fingers(as in hands) flattening the areolas when grabbing them (areola flatten at this stage and no more "mound on mound")

meningitis  Sorry about the format, it came out wrong but I hope his helps. +1  
drdoom  looks good to me! +1  
gh889  According to FA2019, stage 2 ends at 11, stage 3 starts 11.5-13, and stage 4 starts at 13-15, where did you get your info from? +  
meningitis  You can change it to ENDS at 11, ENDS at 13, ENDS at 14... I simply have it as a range just like you stated in a couple of them. The importance is in how the kid presents because he/she will have some things mature but others not, the age will vary in questions. +  
endochondral1  stage 3 breast mound is for females not males btw +  
endochondral1  see pg. 635 in FA it just pubertal. Idk if that correlates to the same stage as females +  
angelaq11  this is just too funny, I LOVE it! xD +  

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submitted by moloko270(31),

increased amount of estrogen compared to androgen activity is physiologic in puberty

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submitted by dr.xx(44),

Pubertal gynecomastia is thought to be a physiological phenomenon, and is most commonly seen in midpuberty with Tanner stage 3–4 pubic hair and testicular volumes of 5 to 10 mL bilaterally.


so its reassurance bc some boys can have mild breast development at 13? I've never heard or seen this before can someone please clarify. Basically reassuring that this is (relatively) normal?