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Welcome to moloko270’s page.
Contributor score: 60

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 +0  (nbme22#9)
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meningitis  isn't letter C the intercalated disc where the gap junctions are? +8

 +11  (nbme22#18)
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peorhniM si zlmieadeotb in the irelv to lpnur-6-origomuehniced and cguro3den-imerlop,i-unh thob fo whhci rae ecterxed by the .ndekysi nI eth igttsen fo rneal e,lirafu htese toaeseitlbm cna emuucatca,l renlsigtu in a nlwrgeio of het uzisere rhesotl.hd ehoinrpM lodush hotfreeer eb sued twih caotinu ihwt dmli rnlae mmipianert and be divdoea in eht tingest fo rnela .alerfiu

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 +16  (nbme22#30)
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FA 574p. - gunbrni erubrb mells lhlnnatoaucii scurco as na arua rfo rmaoltpe oelb eiyeslpp

 +4  (nbme22#40)
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lwo nuatom fo elcfa elatssea si omcmon ni iacnecaptr scunnceifiyfi (FA )375 - sue psnleiercpaa obm(co fo ,plsiae osertape adn yesamal nemesz)y to oeverm ooirnslpmatab

 +1  (nbme22#18)
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cneeidasr unmoat fo sgnrteoe pedmraco to andegrno avittcyi is isopoihylgc ni utpybre

 +1  (nbme22#1)
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oesnm"ryd fo dantloiuil" ioothy-ly"oalspm ni evrsee evonsgeitc taerh afirlue yma be ceadsu yb na torprppieiynala hgih HDA sctiornee in hhwic het smetoreoropc mesyst si nitdemoad by oornsomlan ts"iilmu

hayayah  Apparently, in chronic CHF you see hyponatremia. Because CHF causes a decrease in cardiac output and circulating blood volume, which in turn triggers a compensatory response aimed at preserving blood pressure. This stimulates the body to retain both water and sodium. +4
seagull  i agree with Hayayah... the RAAS system is activated due to poor perfusion to the kidney due to decomp heart failure. +4

 +16  (nbme22#32)
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slos fo fldiu ggirsert etondsarole o,idpnrotcu so panttei illw aehv rtyhamiepenar adn yemphakaoil sa a setrul

makinallkindzofgainz  dat RAAS +2

 +1  (nbme22#1)
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tujs nwko oplbbayr that nyalmloatcai MAS nrus bvaoe dhirt aptr of e.udnuomd os if we aveh a ngilatem pnulgli revo ahtt esdi it nac scottbur tohb neuoumdd (asw enteinmod in st)me and MSA htta leis vero ti

in GI eoscitn ehyt olas cseedibr ASM dosyenmr - hnwe SAM bsruttocs teh uuemdndo litsef so tsi tkcus nbeeetw MAS nad traoa. iugnsesg romf eetrh

 +4  (nbme22#38)
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ihst is aWlbeglenr rsyondme - rsketo ucseda by ttniscuoorb fo CIAP - os hatst wyh ew gte mysspotm fo gpidyaa,sh snoese,ahsr bntsae gga xfleer .(p 025 FA)

armymed88  dysphagia from hit of nucleus ambiguus (CN IX/X/XI) Sensation changes due to hit of lateral spinothalamic tract and spinal trigeminal Check out rule of 4s if you haven't already +2
theecohummer  Yup, lateral meduallary syndrome or Wallenburg Syndrome. Whatever you want to call it. The hemifacial analgesia is from damage to the spinal trigeminal nucleus/tract, and you get the hoarseness from damage to the vagus and the body loss is from the spinal thalamic tract. You can also get Horner’s syndrome with this. +10
dr.xx  Lateral medullary syndrome = Wallenberg's syndrome +

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