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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 4/Question#12

An investigator is conducting a randomized, ...

Analyze all nonadherent participants according to the group of the study to which each was randomized

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usmleuser007  in a per-protocol analysis,[6] only patients who complete the entire clinical trial according to the protocol are counted towards the final results +1  
sympathetikey  "In an ITT population, none of the patients are excluded and the patients are analyzed according to the randomization scheme." +1  
smc213  This video helps https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kps3VzbykFQ +6  
rio19111  Thx smc213, really helped. +1  

what to do with the NONADHERIANT BADDIES???

Intention to treat, "i had the intention to treat so i am gonna leave in this group no matter what"

as treated , "he is not treated as it is so im gonna change his group to control"

per protocol, "you are fired from all of it, protocols bitch"