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The concept being tested is "what does PTH do that leads to hypercalcemia" https://i.ibb.co/sKPdVj3/image.png

yotsubato  ugh, bullshit. I was trying to figure out an actual disease process here.
rio19111  its primary hyperparathyroidism caused by parathyroid adenoma. addition of the peptic ulcer suggest Zollinger ---> MEN1 but none of that is imp because that's not what they are asking. All they are asking for is the function of PTH.

usmleuser007  in a per-protocol analysis,[6] only patients who complete the entire clinical trial according to the protocol are counted towards the final results
sympathetikey  "In an ITT population, none of the patients are excluded and the patients are analyzed according to the randomization scheme."
rio19111  Thx smc213, really helped.

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submitted by hayayah(603),

Glucagonoma: Tumor of pancreatic α cells Žcausing an overproduction of glucagon.

Presents with 5D’s:

  • Dermatitis(necrolytic migratory erythema)
  • Diabetes (hyperglycemia)
  • DVT
  • Declining weight
  • Depression
killme  And the sixth D: Diarrhea +3  
ergogenic22  a) CAT1 and CAT2 are important enzymes of fatty acid beta oxidation. Glucagon upregulates this process b) glycogen formation is inhibited by glucagon, so that glucose can be used by cells c) acetyl CoA carboxylase is used for fatty acid synthesis and thus decreased by increased glucagon d) glucagon increases ketogenesis +30  
dermgirl  Basically, they want to know what is the function of glucagon. +