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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 1/Question#24 (reveal difficulty score)
A 50-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Omeprazole ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by realmedicmd(2),
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I crirtlocnye sceoh iaooitdvnsal. doFun otu that sโ€™ti tlyucaal sacinctoivnotsor olado(tiavsni si ap)c:seirtamhpaty

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submitted by โˆ—justgettinby(25),
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ealnozraIcot euersqri teh ciidca rnietvonmen fo eth tahcmos to eb eOarlopzem ibhistni teh +K+H/ pump fo het athmco,s rebythe edsraencig het tadiiyc fo the tmhoas.c oS ewhn the eaitntp kseta reOealozmp dna telnoozarcaI hotrgtee, oleaoraIzntc nt'wo eb raoebsdb ntoi eht st'hTa why it ash no tfcfe.e

'Ist rmneodmeedc to eatk iomdctesnai at sleat 2 rsuoh orpir to kagint na aactin.d

necrotizingfasciitis  tJsu idadgn ptuspor ot eth aobev gmipw9t8/i1Cnea3p.7.76xh/m//rtsw.nMwnhsol ccl:tal /v. anopit:iP/cen b +4  
pakimd  od lal eoszla or usjt nroectzaioal nloy qeeurris na cciadi rnevioetnnm ot eb dsea?rbbo +2  
chandlerbas  utsj otnorizalcae adn opceonaalsoz +5  
lilyo  ,@rhadbalsnce heewr ddi oyu ndfi htis orfmaiotnin? I asw kigonol eorv hist no AF tub etyh do otn tineomn ti adn I lowud klei a itb meor aif.ninomrot sTa!nkh +5  
chandlerbas  aahh on ssrst!e hte aerclti voabe butisedtm yb issfoti@nizrnceaitgci soed a snedcte job xnniigeapl ti, verewho tsi nto gdoo nhgoeu, I keodlo inot a bti moer on tuatedpo ubt nts'aw tirflfuu in my ousravend.e o!duclkog +  
haozhier  How rea ew pdspueos ot kwno tsih!! tI is not in WDRLOU ro FA higr?t +14  
kevin  Semnoeo asid it on ,heer scnei ether wsa on YCP ernduci of eth awresn ,hiecosc eth nyol way ot veen tkhin autbo na reaswn to hsti tuoesniq asw to utjs og iwth a slse dicaic netimernonv rofm eth IPP gaetnficf sbopanotir. tI aws slypmi hte ylno elrnsaboae sraewn iehocc, I dont' kinht e'thres yna awy we weer peexcetd to kwno fo sith cxtae iarcinonett rpori +1  
aoa05  olaGn rpamh book taetss eht cteax aems Cnatno eb egniv to napistte twih lcrhhadoai.yr +  

submitted by nadhq(8),
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I glhyih butdo taht eswtrir fo isht uoqtnsie tcepex su ot wkno the natioler bnteeew aitenclzoroa nda PIP btu trahre fi a ttaeinp has a ugutrlidm emgerin icul(nidng a ,PI)P fi theer is on p504 dlreeat fsftu ngogi dna gudr naosbiobtr is eedefvcti we dluohs be pssuouicis of hte .IPsP Leki a gnralee erul ro htimsonge ikle

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submitted by โˆ—stepwarrior(29),
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thsi is rycllae tohrean eno fo shteo atpr eousinqts rfo tsrvkheneoir

submitted by โˆ—amy(4),
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undFo hsti in odtauep:t paelmOorze dgru toon,nfiarmi so ti acn go othb c oIr.a.onaws.z".lya:et otronP mpuP srboinihIt yam racniese eht umres nriocnoetncat of enraI.lotaocz oPtorn pmPu nishbrtoIi may reeacsde eht resum oarctointnnec fo lorzaIaeton.c :emannegMat xErsopue ot ourslaT bdnra ontrecziloaa may eb inesraecd by P;IsP eorndisc lzanioctreao dseo uir.dtcone eropExus ot oxrnSapo barnd roielczanaot espucals aym be deedrsace yb PPs.I Gvei noSoarpx danbr acnrzetoaoil ta tesla 2 hsr efrboe ro 2 rhs rafte sPIP Risk :D ienrsdCo reahpty iiafoocinmtd"

oFr aonloe,kzocet ti ddi ysa PIP sedrsaeec tis esurm lelev

submitted by andremosq(9),
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The anesacptdule rifamotnulo fo oilortzacena ash enbe icedtoassa whti dwei iivralayibt in apmsal ootcannrticnes ude to atrviliiyab ni poniaotbsr rofm het ssnrtnoatiieltga ()GI ta.rtc

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t:nyAobyhn .J ,Busti D,M rmaP,Dh NLF,A AAHF

submitted by โˆ—strugglebus(187),
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hisT a PYC 405 niritboih (MCA.OIKEFSCSC); tis teh O.

coccidioinmytitties  soAz,le as a sa,slc era P054YC sohbiitrni fu[agln t&;g haum;n to eepvtrn cnvroosine fo esltnraolo to o.tgreoes]rl ugtsJte si rr-cecto a pHโ†“ is deende fro otopsarbni adn sRcIAniPaH/2/atPd rae inacdnte.irtacdo +  

submitted by โˆ—hayayah(1200),
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Add on to the erhot mtco:enm C.OEAKSIMFSCC eI( nwh Am rindkgin iGrutaefrp jeiuc) si hte momnncie rof imenergbemr hte 045PCY iotIhirsbn:

  • S iomdu aalvtpeor
  • I inisoazd
  • C tediimnie
  • K nlezetoacoo
  • F elnoozaucl
  • A uetc oalcolh sueba
  • C lroinocaheplhm
  • E hmyyacnicttrnhilcyrromiro/
  • S efnmuaisdol
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  • O praezeoml
  • M lreniotoazed

  • A amreoidon

  • prruafeGti icuje
charcot_bouchard  stI ont a cootrcmyeh IK esceuab i go t ti ognwr +1  
waterloo  btoh seolza dan PPI ibithin torcyecohm .4P05 oS neo sn'ti sicagnu the strh'oe alkc of fftcee. +9  
stepwarrior  o.peN iihitbInng Y54P0C udowl nechane hte eefctf of licoaat,nozre os htta 'tacn eb hte .ahmmcnies +2  

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