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submitted by strugglebus(75),

This a CYP 450 inhibitor (SICKFACES.COM); its the O.

coccidioinmytitties  Azoles, as a class, are CYP450 inhibitors [fungal > human; to prevent conversion of lanosterol to ergosterol]. Justget is correct- a ↓pH is needed for absorption and PPI/H2RA/antacids are contraindicated. +  

submitted by sam1(4),

Thiazides can cause acute interstitial nephritis, a form of renal failure. Without the renal excretion of prolactin, it can build up in the serum and result in galactorrhea.

coccidioinmytitties  Sexual dysfunction [desire based = libido] can be due to drug side effects [antihypertensives], per first aid. Edition: 2018 Page: 551 Section: Psych Per, 1stAid's endocrine section: "excessive amounts of prolactin associated with ↓libido [324]. This goes together with our sexual dysfunction with "antihypertensives." Only logical synthesis I can think of: thiazide = ↑prolactin = ↓libido + galactorrhea. It would also make sense since we are dealing with an expected to be post-menopausal female [milk production would have to be due to exogenous source]. Dug into my lecture notes and found the following: beta-blockers and thiazides cause sexual dysfunction. I also like sam1's explanation. We're reaching here, but its the best I can do. +  
g8427  Mayo clinic shows clear or bloody nipple discharge as side affect of Thiazides. But doesnt state milky discharge. +