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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 4/Question#20 (reveal difficulty score)
A 5-year-old boy is brought to the physician ...
Hypophosphatemia ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—atstillisafraud(217),
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bogusiAum soniutqe btu in uaeescb it is ryela cs,hok tereh is ont eonugh emit ot acatveti hte ARAS ot ireesacn nikyed n.fospeiru

submitted by โˆ—imgdoc(176),
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Yuo nac crsso otu eht pto rethe earnsw soccieh, B.,AC, ouY otnw eb rsabnorgieb tyngnhai in eth PTC in ia'fcsonn .emysnord Lnooigk ta mypel,oahkia ,opnehamiyart nad iahppeootsmhyaph wo.n aayeolHpmik 'cnat eb trrcoce ceubeas nvee ohghtu tpasusimo is otsl it iwll eb dbebseraro at eht trael kcith ciegnadsn opol nad if atht ndetso aekm snese, eht dybo ilwl jasutd rof wol ursem opuatissm tbu ativciagnt hte HK++/ uppm no clels. tI ns'it moaeihnartpy eeucsab at eht leitclgocn udtc lncppirai lces,l stribaooernp will curc.o Thsi aelesv ooyasahihphtppem sa het cerrotc and lyon eawsrn hc.ieco

imgdoc  by* +2  
larascon  exEellntc toaplex,nain nhtak yuo ! +2  
waterloo  sIt' torwh oni,gtninem tath 52% of Na si rabes ni eht thicc ngcensida .iblm 7%6 fo leetridf aN si serboearbd in het T,CP whresae 8%5 of otphaheps esrerbodab in the CTP. So tp more lkylei ot hwos ypophoHs. +3  
coconut  ldWoUr Q6DI762: sasy bla ssulret in ppeelo ihtw iFoncan nmdyeros illw whos yphkomeaail +  
j44n  ntoucoc i guotthh ahtt oot ubt tneh i erredbme niaconf si itocdassae hwit optheoiyamphscph str/ikec ITV D nstetsari rtckise dan hist little dued si oiggn to eb grwgoni eubasce sh'e 5 dna attsh gnoan raiecesn eth nddema ofr oteapshph in ish oydb +1  
habs741  anMy ssucreo ,sM(aecpde Tepat,DUo domran oalnrju rte)asilc all escdribe niFcaon ngtnepreis whit imypaolhaek. I bileeev eht mssmhenaci si sslo fo PCT esotonpabrir of Na eungasic aeencrids Na yeiedvrl tlilsdya weehr ti sedne to eb ebrrd.sbeao nI the ctingelocl tduc atht illw ulrste ni K .iantwsg So yahmpaleoik dna opshhaphaiytompe are othb e,utr hwihc emask shit a abd qnetsuio .MOI tBu I duolc see NEMB iuanrgg atth oemahsytohpiaphp si het "btse" nerasw cbsuaee 'tis eorm tirecdyl aedlret ot the TPC tedfce dan walasy ruet v(s yamilhpkoea cihhw si nto asrlyciesen nsrepte and si tydienrilc tleaerd to hte CTP f)cd.ete litSl tkhin sti' a alem tqieusno hho.gtu +  

submitted by โˆ—celeste(95),
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hiTs sdnsou ekil acnioFn emsy.ornd The pmixarlo aubltur elliiatpeh celsl aehv a hard mtei biersornbag fattrl,ei os olu'ly see a olss fo pepsat,hoh namoi sid,ca tiacarnb,beo nda elucgos.

medschul  t'lWondu Foncani ydrsenom aosl scuea ieypmhlaoak tohuh?g +4  
yotsubato  pllcyisEae eocndisgirn eht cfat ttha the CTD wlil eb rgoiknw ni irrdoevev to maectsepno orf sotl ?tse?ulso? +1  
nala_ula  This oquntsie ddi tno emka ssene to me at ll.a I ewkn it wsa caoinnF nsedyrom tye n'dtid lsecet hte souobvi nrwaes asuecbe ti sdia folwol" pu mitaxanoeni 1 kewe atefr oss.n"gdiai I hhgtuot it wdoul darylea eb in I shreadec wno() nda it ssya htta tetnatrem si aciyblsla isinlrghnpee aws si otls ni eth oS ednyitifle eht dowrngi si leki tfw to me +1  
sugaplum  I aws hinktign cnise ti atefdefc eht PTC ttha Na pestorirno oudwl eb deeffatc sa l?ewl tuB I ssuge hte rhoet ntesmseg iwll kipc up hte sckla? +  

submitted by โˆ—mdmikek89(5),
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Yla'l over lcoamtciep tshi sith so rah.d heertWh or ton sti Faio,cnn it ysas lxoimarP bluueT 8%5 of ashhtpope si bbearserdo eehr. fI sit ftedveic,e aohspehtp resonipobr-at si edced.srea


meddoc2023  sYe and udoims stnpioorba udwlo be cfetfdea too I vbeeeli seuebac hte CTP si defcteaf +  

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