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Welcome to haozhier’s page.
Contributor score: 17

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 +3  (nbme21#35)

Why is it not hypoglycemia?? Hypoglycemia can also lead to seizure

cuthbertallg0od  Same thoughts here, and I think hypoglycemia occurs earlier in kids/infants than in adults (like 8 hours?) -- maybe just more likely to be hyponatremia since Na+ lost in the diarrhea... +2
fbehzadi  I think mostly the fact that 24 is not gonna reduce his glucose to the point of causing a seizure. +
fbehzadi  24 hours* +

 +0  (nbme20#47)

From FA, succinylcholine can be reversed during phase 2 by cholinesterase inhibitor. Can someone explain if succinylcholine is metabolized by cholinesterase, how can we use cholinesterase inhibitors to reverse it?

 +4  (nbme24#40)

Can someone please explain to me: If the posterior 1/3 of the tongue is developed from 3rd and 4th pharyngeal arches, why is it wrong to choose pharyngeal arch?

therealslimshady  Welcome to NBME +2
mutteringly  First time? (meme) +2
drdoom  That would be like choosing “blastula” if it were an option: it's not wrong but there's a more precise answer. +
pontiacfever  That is wrong. They're indicating towards thyroglossal duct/thyroid which originates from Pharyngeal pouch not arch. secondly, they're asking that the mass originated from which structure. So, as we know it is associated to foramen cecum which is related to tongue. +
drdoom  @pontiacfever, i believe you’re responding to @haozhier’s original comment, yes? +
pontiacfever  @drdoom, yes the original comment by @haozhier +1

 +0  (nbme24#5)

How do you guys know about this? I chose stool O&P...and muscle biopsy is not mentioned anywhere...

misterdoctor69  Sketchy micro! +

 +0  (nbme23#23)

I chose corticotrope because I thought during pregnancy women have more cortisol. Can anyone explain it for me? Thanks!

 +1  (nbme23#19)

I chose C because I thought it has been four weeks so it must have been acute tubular necrosis. Can anyone explain? Thanks!

miriamp3  @haozhier if you are deciding to think that he had a ATN because of the 4 weeks.. then he should be by now in the recovery phase(polyuria, Bun/cr fall) But he is with HF and his urine output has progressively decrease. So AKI prerenal HF Bun/cr >20. the only one is D. Don't get confused with the rest of the information. +
jesusisking  I thought the same thing so chose C as well! +

Subcomments ...

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necrotizingfasciitis  Just adding support to the above explanation: +3  
pakimd  do all azoles or just itraconazole only requires an acidic environment to be absorbed? +2  
chandlerbas  just itraconazole and posaconazole +5  
lilyo  @chandlerbas, where did you find this information? I was looking over this on FA but they do not mention it and I would like a bit more information. Thanks! +5  
chandlerbas  haha no stress! the article above submitted by @necrotizingfasciitis does a descent job explaining it, however its not good enough, I looked into a bit more on uptodate but wasn't fruitful in my endeavours. goodluck! +  
haozhier  How are we supposed to know this!! It is not in UWORLD or FA right? +9  
kevin  Someone said it on here, since there was no CYP inducer of the answer choices, the only way to even think about an answer to this question was to just go with a less acidic environment from the PPI affecting absorption. It was simply the only reasonable answer choice, I don't think there's any way we were expected to know of this exact interaction prior +1  
aoa05  Golan pharm book states the exact same thing. Cannot be given to patients with acholrhydria. +