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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 4/Question#5 (66.1 difficulty score)
A 45-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Muscle biopsyπŸ”,πŸ“Ί

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submitted by sattanki(72),
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sympathetikey  That's what you get for killing polar bears. +90  
dr.xx  That's what you get for not cooking them well. +5  
charcot_bouchard  Theres nothing called "well cooked polar bear meat" +2  

submitted by neonem(578),
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how to rule out the others:

we would see eosinophilia, but obvi this wouldnt tell us which helminth is involved

Trichinella larvae bury themselves inside muscle tissue rather than remain in the intestine as in other roundworm infections, so stool sample tests don't often show evidence of the parasite

gram stain of stool is a pretty nonspecific test used for campylobacter enteritis; this dude doesnt have diarrhea...and lastly, xray of muscle aint gonna tell u a thang lolz

+5/- sunshinesweetheart(94),

submitted by jucapami(11),
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submitted by hungrybox(1108),

vs. eggs (ova) in stool β†’ Hookworms*, Ascaris

vs. larvae in stool β†’ Strongyloides stercoralis

vs. scotch tape test β†’ E vermicularis

hookworms β†’ Necator Americanus, Ancylostoma duodenale

(source: sketchy)

submitted by madojo(181),
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submitted by bharatpillai(33),
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misterdoctor69  Maybe so, but I think that if we get any questions concerning cysticercosis, it would be neurocysticercosis, so you'd do brain imaging instead... Additionally, as per the CDC: muscle cysticercosis is usually nontender?: +  
brs  I think everyone who has watched House M.D. S1 E1 gets a chance to make it wrong. +  

submitted by haozhier(20),

How do you guys know about this? I chose stool O&P...and muscle biopsy is not mentioned anywhere...

misterdoctor69  Sketchy micro! +