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NBME 24 Answers

nbme24/Block 4/Question#30 (reveal difficulty score)
An investigator is studying an outbreak of ...
Only cookies are independently associated with E. coli cases πŸ” / πŸ“Ί / 🌳

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submitted by βˆ—neonem(600),
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lgFalin on tthutceersod dah:n cihaopds is mtso mcoonm one ot eb tfarr,duec uaentl si somt momcon to eb eioalsdcd.t utLaen oiloitdcans nac caues ctuea cpalar tlenun demnr.oys

hniTk fo the noceinmm "ahtSrtgi eLni To niP,yk rHee smCeo heT bhu"Tm orf teh nebso of the paml, aginwdr a alltoofb paesh asritngt elwbo het umhbt CPM toinj ndecatja ot hte udisa,r neht inmogv ot rouy maelid wsi,rt adn ehtn kbac to eht hb.mtu

hpocidSa, tae,lun rtiqeumtru, oiismrf,p aamthe, tpiae,cta ,aozrditep e.iuprzatm The aenlut oolks ielk ist' ylooeirrstp lseoidactd eher.

submitted by βˆ—niboonsh(385),
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itsh teqisonu sekma em wtna to eat an e iocl oiekoc and heop i dlebe uot

caitlyncloy  pick C and move on was my strategy :P help lol +2  
thegooddoctor2  lol good one +1  

submitted by βˆ—doodimoodi(69),
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Did no one nctioe ttah the dsOd tiaor no teh top flet is onwrg? Am I gmssiin nghositme? If uyo lautalcce it, it's 6 ustj kiel eht tpo igthr

mjmejora  thats actually really funny +  
yex  Because I said so, applies here... :-/ +1  
doodimoodi  Cant believe we pay $60 for this crap +45  
aisel1787  best comment doodimoodi) +1  
b1ackcoffee  that fucking threw me off on exam. I was like is there an effect modification by "Not drinking milk". the fuck! +1  

submitted by βˆ—sne(52),
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RO ;&tg1 ecsatiidn sdicenrea urroeeccnc fo vt.ene The oynl OR rtareeg thna 1 asw ni eth lteba hatt dedaintci that eth jtucesb eat ioksceo but 'ntddi rkdin l.ikm Ts,uh ttah is hte yonl one hitw a cisagfitnni rucrceecon

For a more systematic approach. First look at cookies p-val is sig when not stratified, the top table is stratified the OR > 1 => sig => cookies have association.

Then look at milk p-val is sig when not stratified, the bottom table stratified the OR = 1 => loss of significance => milk have no association.

+1/- peqmd(66),

Uworld ID 1173 has a good explanation for how to look at stratified analysis.

+/- peqmd(66),

submitted by βˆ—qiss(17),
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orF peoepl who greelnlay dah blrutoe enigdra het wto :arhstc

ristF rcah:t We arseapted the eentri ppiunloaot iotn wto lmlsear sopntlouapi ot sett orf het isecoko af.ftec In ptouilnPao A dkar(n ilm)k ereht was na dosd oriat fo 6 o(ypt ni hte acutal cat.)rh nI Ponpotauli B d(di tno nikdr lmik) erhet aws na dsod riato of .6 nSeic hte dsdo atoisr era not ,1 we nca edlcoucn ahtt teh kieoosc haev an eetfcf rrldaessge fo teh taponpulio e(i nardk kilm eplope vruess idd'nt ridkn kiml .lepeo)p

dSenoc thrac: Nwe tes of tinoppalosu ot tset fro the efectf of .mlki nI nPtlupaoio C ea(t ooeksc)i reeht swa na odsd atior of .1 In noiopaPlut D (did otn ate eosk)ioc heret aws osla na dsod irtoa fo 1. hTis namse atth likm did not eahv na efctfe eerv dna ddi'nt bttnruecio ot het iade.ess

n"Oyl okcoise aer nteiedlndpnye tsaiacedos thiw E. iocl "cessa msnea thta yonl eht csioeko aescu eth iaeedss hwiutto the effstce of igomtsnhe

submitted by βˆ—pg32(195),
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Teh tfca tath eht osdd otari ni teh opt telf si neirocrct emaks tihs tsuoqnei yrev .lcftdfiui It eskam it araepp sa if hte oceksoi rea ataecsivu btu teh mlki ahd osme eovcetrtpi acfto.r oS nouxoo.ibs

drpatinoire  God I thought totally the same way as you did. I stared at this question for at least 5min and asked myself what's wrong with my statistics. +1  

submitted by βˆ—youssefa(147),
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iiyanllIt limk ikdgirnn aws aadiscetos whti lco.Ei uobkreat tiwh 3O9R.= nad t01;l0&0.P n.(itaifSn.c)g.i tefrA aanitcfotsirti iont tea ekosoic and ddi tno eta iokeosc RO maebec 1 dntseai fo .93 animnge eht aioiostnasc i.derdpapaes rro,eThfee ntegai cosieok wsa a uroendfcon nad teher si no lrea tssoacaniio weteenb gikrnidn kmil and l.i.cE.odeains,..t 'mlski h(te nnor)cudofe ibnorioncutt swa orlinebsspe rfo het OR of 39. in het tsrif hsTi saw rufdtheer msettdnraeod wiht RO of 6 in eht eosiock nlaeo pourg.

submitted by βˆ—sattanki(75),
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isTh neo eehtr eewr oufr dsdo iso,rat neo vdoierpd nudre heca heT loyn eon htat dah an ddos roiat gaeetrr tnha .10 swa the laetb in eth opt tighr (dOsd ioatR = 6, I e)vliee,b wcihh ehnw you okodle ta hte b,esall eld ot eht tihrg .newsar

submitted by βˆ—famylife(101),
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A"n dods oitra fo 1 dincteias hatt eth cdinnotio or vneet enudr tduys is eqylual leliyk to ucocr ni hbto o.sgpur An odsd atoir rrtegea tnah 1 ctiesiadn hatt eht iotcniodn or evten si emor eylkil ot rucco in het rtifs u"go.rp (in/ekteid/ispdOorsh.k.ri/tiogaidp:/atw_w)

submitted by xw1984(6),
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Teh OR ni hte ppuer ftel 22 belta si oicrrtn,ec hcwhi ulhods eb 6 72(6*36/2 6=,) tno 1. ihsT seamn het RO of "tea iokos"ec oeds ton ehcgna artfe frcanaiitttios yb nrd"ak mli",k so "rkand i"lmk is ton a o,confruned dna e"at osekc"oi is depndelinnyet osas w/ EECH brea.utok

On het rtohe na,dh OR rof nkar"d ikm"l egdahnc a lto (fmor .93 ot 1,).0 hhiwc intaicdse nadk"r "iklm gmhti eb a onruocnfed ,nda tf,reereoh is nto ineptyendendl ossa /w HEEc .rbukoeta

submitted by βˆ—tyrionwill(20),
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ew can kaem shnitg spmlie elik isth w:fyai we nwta ot wkon rhwethe ,r1oX 2X eertsolacr Y, we jsut aeepatslyr ttes X1 nad Y, dna 2X adn Y cgy.acdrnoli e Wnh stet 1X hiwt ,Y we rreqeiu on 2X uxoserep; h neW stte X2 htiw Y, ew rrueqie no X1 xoes;epur

eW stet ocieok thwi eriaad,hr ewhn klmi swa nto dnkru opt( i:rh)tg oiepsivt e W estt iklm iwht iarhaer,d nehw no ekioco was etane wlre(o :gi)trh igtveena

ui:scnloonc onyl koocie tcoeralres ot eht eirraahd

submitted by βˆ—an_improved_me(77),
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A toeusinq i mroe leyrgenal avhe

sI ti sbosepil tath wneh oyu fttsyria eht data, .(i.e giarcnomp eth ecfetf ttah tneiag iocokse hsa, in eleppo owh dinkr imlk or elopep woh do nto drnki km)li ttha the dods aitor lilw wohs isifnanigcec fro eon ubt otn eht rh?oet

Sdai fendi,relyft in the mlpeexa vbe,ao dlouc aeingt eoksico ni eeoppl how idnrk likm deal ot a ningctiaifs icseearn eth sirk fo ni,ncteofi but otn in oplepe who who td'nid rdink kim?l

I'ev eodokl odanur ni shti mntmoce taed,hr nda vhea esne olepep enmiton hte temr etf"efc ondaft;"iicoim is atth ahtw ym lapmexe beoav olduw ohs?w

nI toehr wosd,r if gntaie ioecosk + kniingrd kilm sedla ot a nnsgtiiacif ,krsi but engita oiesock + ton knngiird ilmk ash no idoacaetss ris,k oulwd tath mean htat hte kmli ahs an ce"teff taiofiocm"ind no eht krsi of ntitgeg nfiencito in pleepo owh eat oksco?ie

submitted by βˆ—lilmonkey(22),
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heT eworydk is .td"P)osTDi(EsEDNcaEYNILNe"a hchiW in uahmn gaaulneg snema O"TN CASITSODA".E

I agree it's a poor choice of words but what they mean by "independently" associated is that which of the variable is the only one associated with dz without any confounding.

+1/- peqmd(66),

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