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Welcome to famylife’s page.
Contributor score: 77

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 -8  (nbme18#34)
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hTsi si rteps ,nouemp iwhch ash aplha shmyiosle eng)r(e

breis  How is this differentiated from Strep Virdans which is Optochin Resistant? Because Strep Pneumo would also be inhibited by optochin* +
mjmejora  its strep viridans. Strep viridans has a "protected chin mask" and strep pneumo is "exposed" in the sketchy. +3

 +8  (nbme18#45)
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eieD"pts nbtohiiini of CoM-GHA dtreseacu yb sttan,si clsel mtspancoee yb secanirgin zemyen xepsoersni aeselrv ,voHerew the total odby othlleecrso si cdreedu yb 4–%2%00 ued ot ndecisaer eoipesxsnr fo LLD recspoter taefr tsiant iorttd"ininama.s


md_caffeiner  fuck GoT, knowledge is power +

 +4  (nbme24#7)
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aehPs III linClcai Trial pr(e AF 291,0 p. 6:)25 reagL nrmbeu fo eittpnsa ymodnlra edgsisna rihete to eht rnetetmat ndreu gtnestvniiaio ro ot eht rtnsddaa fo rcea r(o oba.)lpec

usmile1  also just to verify, there is no such thing as phase 0 right? +
madojo  Not that i know of or is in FA +
llamastep1  I've heard animal testing is called phase 0. +1

 +6  (nbme24#37)
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en"caderIs lbdoo nninsortetcoca of dngbiin-T4 lo:igulbn BGT is eno of leravse pointrse htat tnrotraps dtyiorh roemnohs in o,obld dan has eht stehgih ynafitfi rof 4T ntie)x(oyrh fo the .rpgou otEsegrsn tsautmeli onexspesri fo GTB in ,ervli dan eth rnalmo srei in orseegnt driung rnyegacnp deicnus uryoghl a ingdluob in reusm GBT nttctcn"ro.saoiearn

"adenIscre lelvse fo BGT edal ot lreweod erfe 4T ocnas,encnoitrt hwchi tlseusr in vledaete HTS inctsreoe by the rptyiiuat ad,n to,nlsneyuceq nhceeand itoudcrpno dan nitoresec fo oirdhyt eooshrn.m The etn ctffee of eldeatve GBT sestsyhni is to eofcr a wen iieruiqubml eeewbnt rfee adn bound tidoyhr reoonmhs dna tush a nifsntgicia aniserec in ltota T4 nda T3 sllve.e The eancsdrei dmeadn orf hiodtyr sohornme is ceharde yb utaob 20 wekse of angitteos nad ptissesr tulni .rtm"e


 +7  (nbme24#22)
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asv"tereInn eht ceslsmu of teh dmleai actomepmrnt of the itghh outtb(rrao re,xenuts rucoadtd un,sogl ordauctd ib,rsve dtaurdoc uanmgs dan g.)si"aiclr


almondbreeze  FA 2019 pg 444 +

 +3  (nbme24#32)
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heerT is "a icretd itncao fo hiitanems no eth lpmcythia mothos esmlcu avi tmaiostiunl of 1H na(d in osem vlesess H)2 psortere.c H1 tcrpsoere eahnecn and 2H pctersroe oswl wdon achiltmpy ,gpmnipu eht onidntma feftce gnbei na ceiasrnde irttlecncao "yiv.iattc


davidw  If the Infarct was on the right side they you would have a decrease in PCWP +
usmile1  yes exactly. Cardiogenic shock always has decreased CO and increased SVR. PCWP is the tricky part. If its right sided, there isn't enough blood making it to the LA (which is what PCWP measures) thus PCWP would decrease. If it is left sided, as indicated in this question by the crackles in the lungs, the blood is backing up in the left side of the heart so the PCWP would go up. +6

 +0  (nbme24#7)
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Nto a ufll wnaers ubt ts'i a tsatr in( het ctonxet of an o:btstroi)ucn "ttOscbrunoi of neuir lwof ulsrets ni na csaeeinr in dtctaoirysh repsseusr orpalmxi to teh iest of itco.ubsonrt It is sith dupbuil of ueerprss htta eadsl to eht acnnmpoagicy nai,p the einostdtin of the lcgticnleo sstyem ni het k,enidy dna vdaleete artritbulnau ssseuerpr taht ttaiiien rulubat u.ncnytsfoid nI eht first yasd of ritt,cubsono the aiainoldtt fo eht loyopr ilampcont ocngtclile smyset may be iai.mnlm As eth desrncaei tdayhcrotsi respuesr is xresedpes ni the rrnaiuy peasc of eth roiglm,lue thurfer intrlafiot eesascedr or stsop mecelpl" ,oaiH'(rrnss 2,e0 trehCpa )331

trichotillomaniac  the key here is the term hydronephrotic kidney. anytime there is that, there is a post renal obstruction of some sort. The fact that he has progressive renal failure just contributes to the idea that his kidneys have seen damage before and are not able to withstand the pressure from the back up as well. I got tripped up on this. The important thing to note is that Hydronephrosis and dilation = back up = increased in volume pressure (hydrostatic) +4

 +7  (nbme24#40)
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ogh"Tollsrsay tdcu stcsy otsm eofnt esterpn wthi a applleba ostimmctpaay nmldiei cnek smas sllyuua wboel %65[ of teh ti]em het ellve fo eht diohy ."eonb

"hTe atlsoorglyhs tcatr assier fmro the eafmrno cmeuc ta teh jocnnitu of het rnaitroe ow-histtdr adn rretopiso riod-neth of the teuo.n"g


dbg  Am I the only one who thought, my whole life, that it actually originates from the thyroid but just physically connected to the tongue +15

 +6  (nbme24#14)
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piiodo ihrlwwtada ssx (AF 2019, .p 8)55 = asntgie,w laidedt ,upslip tornieleipco do(“lc y,”r)kteu i,earhornhr imcnaiotla,r nganwi,y uean,as asomhtc scarp,m ehirdara ”(-lk“eiluf tsmmos)y”p

 +5  (nbme24#8)
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e"fceeBecnni oieslnvv nglcainab hte nfsieetb fo amterntet satanig eht ksisr dan stcso v,dlnieov whserae cfeeennmci-nloa nsema ngvodiia eht nstuioaac fo .hra"m


 +2  (nbme24#30)
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To uler uto DIASH t:eyp um"Sre smaouspit oneonrctcatin elealrnyg srnaeim cuhe.nngad temeMvon of pmutoissa rmfo hte tlrrlaiceuanl scepa to eht eaxlruelatcrl cpsea ptvnseer tadnoliiul aapkhoeyml.i As yrgendoh niso move u,raalillnerctyl they era cgneexhda rof usmptoasi in oerrd to aatnnmii yternero"t.laclueit


usmile1  Does anyone know if SIADH is associated with hypertension? I don't think it is due to the body's response of downregulating aldosterone, but if someone could verify that I would appreciate it. +
sunshinesweetheart  @usmile1 pg 579 FA 2019 = BP can be normal or high in SIADH +
usmlecrasherss  in SIADH GOLJAN says you have diluteonal hypokalemia +
tyrionwill  SIADH -> excessive ADH -> water retention -> atrium excretes more ANP, ventricule excretes more BNP -> water is excreted more. So that is why not too much plasma volume increment, resulting mostly normal BP. +

 +17  (nbme24#37)
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urddtlbae"-nos aerarse..k.b eduasc by gziniino don,aitrai cuidlignn amagm yras dan -".yXrsa s.v U"V daonitiar cseaus wot sclaess of DNA lseison: nbtccyaueol iyprdimnei sdrmie ,sP(DC grFuie 1) adn 6-4 tctoppuhdroso 4(-6 ,PPs ugrFie ".)2


 +0  (nbme24#9)
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orF tuie:crPs eipdemc.tiso:cle/chlpeec/0iiad#b9/r4a29.lait/11mtcmne0c-sn

 +1  (nbme24#40)
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rFom PA:FA

eAcu"t arteirpysro sssiertd nrmeoysd si a iotnatnmifesa fo cuaet iyurjn ot hte gl,un ymoolcnm eisultrng ofrm sssp,ie rta,mua nda rvesee yrlapnomu iti.onscenf ylCniicl,al ti si tideaarcchezr by aeydp,ns pnofodur a,eymipxho eedrsecad lung ncl,aeoipmc dna sdffeiu itllrbeaa efatlisnrit no hsect adgoyhrr..ipa.

nI AS,DR het dinjuer nulg is ledeveib to og htugrho erthe hessap: evdit,uxea vlfoprtirea,ei dna fo,icribt btu het oreusc fo cahe espah dna hte rllaveo ssdeeia pnsieorrgos is veir.laba nI het uxeeatvdi he,pas eadgma ot eht aoalrevl elimhutiep dna slavacru uteodnlemih opuedscr geelaka fo ,arwte oni,eptr dna ltorimmaafny dna red dbolo lcles tino the ttitnemsuiir dan laroelva umne.l hseeT cnehsga rae enidudc by a lomxcep yeaitlnpr of mfoprynlriaoamt adn r-nanyifaimtalmot mas.oertdi"


 +1  (nbme24#30)
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An" osdd aitor of 1 nictsieda ttah the ctnodoiin or tevne udrne sdyut is lyeaqlu yiklle ot cocru in obht .souprg An ddso oarti ateregr tnha 1 catsendii ttah hte otdconnii ro event is erom eilykl to ccuro ni teh ifrts "p.ruog (g/wotiOirs:nipdtkhsi/e//eado_iwp.tkadi.r)

Subcomments ...

submitted by xxabi(224),
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RABs luetsr in het gonillfow enh:csag nseairced inrne, eersadcin ngA ,I isedarcen Agn II, eeacrsdde ooretnsadle adn uadnhgcen rnidkbynia

famylife  ...and just to clarify, they directly inhibit the Ang II receptor (AT1) +2  
kpjk  I had a doubt- that wouldnt increased RAA lead to increased serum aldosterone as well. Now I understand that since the receptors are blocked- even the receptors to increase aldosterone secretion by Ang II would also get blocked... +2  

submitted by famylife(77),
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sna"neetvrI the cmlesus fo hte mldiea crotpnmtmae fo eht ighht rtutor(abo ,ntseruxe oddrutca n,sogul ddctruoa vibers, cartdudo umgans dan )ilrg.isca"


almondbreeze  FA 2019 pg 444 +  

submitted by bunye(8),
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Menyhscelma suetsi can laos odreugn psailemaat.

A iacscsl lexamep si itomisys ssconniiiasfm hhwic ceictnonve siuste inhwti elmcus enacghs to nebo inrdgu aigenlh terfa taumra - ahatmoP hC 1 pg 2

bunye  ossificans in which* +  
famylife  Images: +  

lsmarshall  Rectal prolapse through posterior vagina ("rectocele"). +6  
famylife  "When a rectocele becomes large, stool can become trapped within it, making it difficult to have a bowel movement or creating a sensation of incomplete evacuation. Symptoms are usually due to stool trapping, difficulty passing stool, and protrusion of the back of the vagina through the vaginal opening. During bowel movements, women with large, symptomatic rectoceles may describe the need to put their fingers into their vagina and push back toward the rectum to allow the stool to pass (“splinting”). Rectoceles are more common in women who have delivered children vaginally." +13  
usmleuser007  really like the pubic hair.... +2  
nnp  why not spasm of external anal sphincter? +  
vulcania  After looking it up I think that external anal sphincter spasm would be more associated with rectal pain and maybe fecal incontinence. I chose the same answer because I figured if there was a problem with the rectovaginal septum it would have been noted on physical exam... +1  
ajss  I did the same, put sphincter spasm because I thought a rectocele would be found on a physical exam. +  
thisshouldbefree  this is the map ive been looking for +