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Welcome to xw1984’s page.
Contributor score: 4

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 +1  (nbme24#30)

The OR in the upper left 22 table is incorrect, which should be 6 (726/36*2 =6), not 1. This means the OR of "ate cookies" does not change after stratification by "drank milk", so "drank milk" is not a confounder, and "ate cookies" is independently asso w/ EHEC outbreak.

On the other hand, OR for "drank milk" changed a lot (from 3.9 to 1.0), which indicates "drank milk" might be a confounder and, therefore, is not independently asso w/ EHEc outbreak.

 +1  (nbme24#5)

English is not my first language, but would it be possible that adherence is not equivalent to adhesion and somehow interchangeable to aggregation? I feel like doing a reading comprehension test, not USMLE.

 +0  (nbme21#17)
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 +2  (nbme20#11)
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I gto sthi Q I wsa eigdorwnn hyw shit pitaent a“hs no prsolean ro afiylm sih”ytro. ederiyHatr otospcrhisesy lsduoh eb a AD a,essdie s,o elrlaegyn pakgen,is isht zdi shodul be nees in heac oernainge,t hg?rti

step1soon  I was thinking the same! +
wuagbe  Several genetics questions on NBME20 appear to be trying to throw us off by changing the descriptions of inheritance, leaving us to assume incomplete penetrance, smh. +

Subcomments ...

Just wondering if someone could explain the difference between collagen and elastin for this one? I thought either or could be used for tensile strength. Anyone have clarification, don't know why collagen is the best answer!

notyasupreme  Lol, never mind I realize, it's a scar and that's type III collagen! +2  
meryen13  type III is whats usually present but then it gets replaced by collagen I in the scar tissue to add more strength. +  
i_hate_it_here  It is also the disulfide bonds that add to tensile strength of collagen, while the inter-chain fibril cross-linking that leads to elastins elasticity FA2020 pg: 51&52 +  
xw1984  I think the Q emphasized postoperatiive. Maybe the production of elastin does not increase much comparing to collagen. +  
topgunber  i think they would refer to elastin in cases of arteriolar compliance +