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x-ray corresponds to a tension pneumothorax = imminent respiratory failure if untreated. Right lung is fully collapsed, increasing intra-thoracic pressure, imparing O2 exchange (due to mass effect toward left lung, and collapsed right one), hence accumulating CO2 (in blood), inducing respiratory acidosis.

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"The morphological interpretations of the changes in the functional ultrastructure of the bloodlymph barrier following thermal injury seem to be an increase in the numbers of vacuoles and many open endothelial intercellular junctions..."

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Zellweger syndrome - autosomal recessive disorder of peroxisome biogenesis due to mutated PEX genes. Hypotonia, seizures, hepatomegaly, early death (within 1 year). β-oxidation of VLCFA happens in peroxisomes so the child seemingly having some sort of congenital metabolic disorder with elevated VLCFAs should have been enough to get the answer without knowing about Zellweger.

jucapami  furthermore, FA 2019 pg 47 +