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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 2/Question#19 (58.7 difficulty score)
A 66-year-old man is brought to the emergency ...
Cigarette smokingπŸ”,πŸ“Ί

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submitted by hayayah(1081),
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usmlecrasher  i'm sorry guys it's bladder cancer blocking urine flow => reflux ureteral widening => reflux nephropathy. +6  
hello_planet  FA 2019 pg 588 +2  
kevin  Is the idea since that since the histology shows transitional cell cancer the most likely is smoking and that's the answer? The fact that this was unilateral really threw me off. Is it common to have unilateral carcinoma of the ureter (if that's what this case was, of the ureter) rather than bilateral? +  
lovebug  I Choose F) vinyl chloride <- only liver angiosarcoma. :( about many Carcinogen FA2019, 226pg. +  

submitted by step1soon(48),
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Eitooygl β†’ eiCtgr ate gnskoim si jmaro rski crofat 50(%-80 of ensrc,ac irsk cdetssioaa thiw aiuodntr dan lityeoAstn )isn rsymnaiela piyl-ntmaah2nh)(e dna leanini sydIen ovnpiledge citunsore, iSmotscsoah mumaebathio aov rae iteddosep in arelddb lwla nda cuase oincrch atnnloiafm,im mqsouasu asia,mtaple ld;isyasap 0%7 fo umrtos ear uoassqmu lelc oPiVHrmcca an yam esuac oyd,lncmoa usoasqmu sypa,asidl sqsauoum clle aacrmocin ncascenenuei Pteqeh ues la(yluus olng etrm seu ni neyrgou n,mweo rtsuom noilvev uerpp cllngoeict ne)hsrmiy Cosct yrnruia ctatr otieicnnf dna Ralyiaclecurl ocipaocsmhhepdyl hitw glno mert sue

submitted by chandlerbas(100),
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SPOERLI LRTAE orf uurtef drese,ra the nettnco olingolfw yam tnaicon tjsseucb seen ni eorht sMBNE

submitted by chandlerbas(100),
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erheti derbald ecnrac ilula(aertn ni htsi )acse or alarnsitotni lelc ciacaomrn (laos )iun era tcarpeditepi by mosknig aalithnn iocxt rnu.yij TUB athw tsarmet meor nath eht aeucs si tath the rdreea ornzecgie taht tish si oiuhtwt a tbdou

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msngsuiA atht teh tp tslo odolb mrof eth MAV - shit odwlu refhtur chaeenn the rlean asmeciih PT(C dan nsagniedc HOL aer hbot eryv ntvessiei to ehcmsiic dtscniiono 03 smuient fo dloob lsos is ohuneg to rexaaebcte teh lrayaed siciechm ntinscooid.

submitted by shakakaka(4),

I understood that it was transitional cell carcinoma, and a smoking is a risk factor ( as it contains aromatic amines ) , but how about arylamine exposure? Its exposure also associated with blader cancer.

submitted by monoloco(136),
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Is tshi the oen with the proo nykdei thta saw utc ni lhaf nsaigat its llwi dan ahs a ddeailt tidals eu?rtre fI ,so yobbaprl nwohisg su ittisnanalor mancoiacr thiw lidm onsiinav tion thta islatd .erreut hmaoPta sode a pytetr msoewea ojb of ktialng uotab UG necascr (nda mtso eca)csnr dn(a( mtos nc)i)iemed .OMI

submitted by lancestephenson(37),
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sihT is ILLATYREL het asme tohop yteh deus ot sibceder eht daely--r4o boy htiw fsefiud iolrcatc ecnisros frmo ENBM 1.8 nCa nomeeos anxlepi s'tawh ngiog no heer

lancestephenson  *Tubular atrophy, not cortical necrosis lol +  
charcot_bouchard  Can u fuckers talk about spoilers +1  
adong  same photo because the end gross pathology is the same. whether it's due to cancer or whatever the 4 year old boy had (some sort of obstruction IIRC) it ends with atrophy of the kidneys +  
j44n  they used the same kidney on NBME 17 for posterior urethral valves lol +  
j44n  this is probably the most famous kidney in medicine +