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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#7 (69.4 difficulty score)
A 66-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Libido: decreased;
Nocturnal erections: normal

tags: erections penis libido 

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submitted by paperbackwriter(114),


After getting it wrong (because of the NBME 21 Q), I understood it like this:

– Libido is a long term state, meaning your libido could be fine, but anxiety in that MOMENT might cause psychogenic ED

– This guy has some classic SIG E CAPS criteria going on: fatigue (energy loss), sleep disturbances, concentration problems

– It says he hasn't been able to maintain any erection (vs NBME 21 guy that was able to masturbate (his long term sex drive was OK) but had performance anxiety in the moment)

Therefore, lack of sex drive fueled by depression --> low libido, but physiologically nothing wrong with him --> nighttime erections

trump2020  Bless you for including the spoiler warning +2  
kernicteruscandycorn  @paperbackwriter: sick name and reference +  

submitted by iviax94(7),
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liverdietrying  When you’re thinking of libido, don’t just equate it to testosterone -- make sure you’re always considering depression! Depression following stroke is common, especially with residual physical disability, so this would decrease his libido. Nocturnal erections equate to “does it actually work?” not just the vasculature but the neural input as well. For example, during prostatectomy damage to the pelvic plexus (nerves) can lead to impotence. There’s nothing to suggest that he has vascular or neurologic erectile dysfunction here, which is why his nocturnal erections are intact. +28  
_pusheen_  @liverdietrying Was it premature to assume he has trouble with erections because of neural damage from the stroke? I put low libido, low nocturnal erections. Is it because the stroke resulted in hemiparesis and not autonomic dysfunction or something like that? +5  
liverdietrying  @pusheen Correct, you won’t classically get impotence after a hemiplegic stroke. His inability to achieve an erection is much more likely to be 2/2 psychosocial effects than organic disease. If this vignette instead said that this had gotten a prostatectomy with resulting damage to the pelvic nerves that allow for erection, then it’d be a more safe choice to put no nocturnal erections. +4  
fast44  Is there a video or somewhere that explains these sexual dysfunctions? This seems to be a topic that keeps repeating on the new exams. +2  
forerofore  well, i though that because he had a stroke he would be likely to have atherosclerosis, which would keep libido high and reduce nocturnal erections, i kinda ignored the whole "he´s depressed" part of the vignette despite understanding the mechanism well. but from a clinical depression point of view, if his arteries are intact, and he is depressed, then libido would be low, and erections present at night. +4  
pg32  I can't remember exactly but I swear the question on NBME 21 the guy's wife had died as well...? Or they had gotten divorced? Either way, he had some psychological baggage as well, but his libido was still normal, and the explanation was that his testosterone would be fine regardless of his depressed mood. So I went with that logic here and missed this question. I don't understand how I am supposed to gauge someone's libido based on vague hints at their mood, especially when in one exam mood does not decrease libido and in the other it does. +1  
drzed  @pg32 bro spoilers +2  

submitted by elf16(2),
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toxoplasmabartonella  In that case, his testosterone was normal and he had no signs of depression. The stem did say his wife passed away few months ago, so i personally chose low libido, but whatever. +  

submitted by adong(97),
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submitted by nwinkelmann(297),
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ls3076  appreciate this kind of effort to look up journal articles but honestly this is not really what nbme answers is for... we should be able to get the answer from process of elimination/basic science concepts and not from looking up studies as we obviously can't do this on the test +  

submitted by cathartic_medstu(28),
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submitted by ls3076(74),
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submitted by cathartic_medstu(28),
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submitted by mattnatomy(43),
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b1ackcoffee  Wouldn't pshychological SD have normal libido and just performance anxiety? +