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Welcome to mattnatomy’s page.
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 +0  (nbme22#7)
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b1ackcoffee  Wouldn't pshychological SD have normal libido and just performance anxiety? +

 +3  (nbme22#11)
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I elieevb hr'teey ngreirerf to ioprnscsmoe of hnrcbase of hte ilaIlinnguio Nevre sobyil(sp teh nArtrioe tScarlo reevsN.

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armymed88  Ilioingual covers part of the medial thigh, base of penis and anterior scrotum Posterior scrotal nerves are a branch of pudendal and cover said area Doral nerves cover the dorsum of the penis which are also from the pudendal +1
meningitis  I thought it was the Genitofemoral nerve because the genital branch supplies the cremaster and scrotal skin, but I looked it up and: The genital branch passes through the *deep inguinal ring* and enters the inguinal canal; also, Ilioinguinal wraps around the spermatic cord just like the question stem says. +1
jean_young2019  "The structures which pass through the canals differ between males and females: in males: the spermatic cord[6] and its coverings + the ilioinguinal nerve." from wiki "Inguinal canal", which means the ilioinguinal nerve lies on the external surface of spermatic cord. The contents of spermatic cord includes, "nerve to cremaster (genital branch of the genitofemoral nerve) and testicular nerves (sympathetic nerves). It is worth noting that the ilio-inguinal nerve is not actually located inside the spermatic cord, but runs along the outside of it, in the inguinal canal." from wiki spermatic cord. +1

 +5  (nbme22#29)
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A rakecaPme is hte cerotrc etmtnater ofr d3r eeedrg VA ksaeM it so the ritaa dna evtcsireln eabt ni ncy.s

leaf_house  Why wouldn't you do a transesophageal echo, just to establish what you're dealing with? +
greentea733  I think since you already did an ECG and you know it's for sure 3rd degree AV block, TEE probably wouldn't change the management at all, so you wouldn't want to expose pt to extra risk of a procedure (however minor it may be). I feel like more invasive testing typically is not the correct answer when you can avoid it, as a general theme. +4
orthonerd  @leaf_house - Whenever two imaging tests that are similar with advanced clinical decision making tools being used to decide which one to do (TEE vs TTE)- I generally assume that I can eliminate both as a choice- especially in this case where the definitive Tx is a choice. +2

 +2  (nbme22#10)
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oGdo rcuepit argmdia to p:lniexa /nmacyppes/co/mlttsophoespdue./ca_2utp1dcvsvleFpai.e.atumdilpeigs__ol/ej/oteo.mgl:ltnuiahu

 +6  (nbme22#9)
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 +7  (nbme22#1)
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I leeebiv tshi is irngrfree ot dmtigu ttlniomaora. Due ot eprroipm gininptsooi fo ebwlo o(n eht gitrh s.di)e dsLda snbad cnntcoe eht rlgae tnnieitse ot teh l.ierv

anC aedl to:

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3. SMA Osnucoicl -- mI' segngusi sdbae no the weasrn ot the neqosuit

meningitis  Yes, the question clicked for me when I realized the ligament was on the RT side instead of LT so I thought of Volvulus. Image of ligament of treitz: +3
hyperfukus  So Volvulus regardless in baby or adult is gonna cause SMA prob + Duodenal Obstruction: d/t Ladd bands im gonna go back and remember those associations :) +1
pg32  Yeah, recall that the midgut rotates AROUND THE SMA in development. If you can recognize that the ligament of Treitz is on the wrong side (right) then you know you have a malrotation issue. Then you recall the midgut rotates around the SMA and you pick that answer out of pure association recall and get it right. Nice. +1

 +12  (nbme22#35)
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rnwAes = .C (esdreeDca ahtpeic VLLD hsynstsei)

iciicnotN caid = ciNain. iniaNc swkor :yb

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johnthurtjr  Well color me surprised. I was completely thrown off here. +32
miriamp3  @almondbreeze go to the cardiovascular pharmacology you will see a draw of lipid lowering agents and you will find niacin en two places ++one on the adipose tissue and the second one in the liver by the vldl production. in the text in the same page is also mention it FA 2018 pg 313. +
djeffs1  I still don't quite see how C corresponds to those 2 processes... +

 +5  (nbme22#11)
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I thotugh tinayilli we rewe ileandg ihwt p-suprtomta h,cysopsis utb no e-g,reairnd sith olosk mroe ikel reieth aleeGzdiren iyexAnt oedrrsiD or CDO ro hbt.o Eehrti y,aw tmaetretn dshuol eb na ISSR einrS(.trael)

seagull  OCD for sure +15

 +3  (nbme22#22)
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eevSre einprthnseyo tfnoe saled ot ihsclpytaerp cselsoriosrirltaeo -ninsonoik( n.cpaepaea)r osAl ese fiarielpntroo fo ohtmso esulmc lslec.

meningitis  and explains the flame hemorrhages (Goljan) caused by malignant HTN +5
taediggity  FA 2020 pg. 537 +
dentist  FA 2020 pg 301* +
ally123  The flame hemmorhages are also a good buzz word for recognizing he has hypertensive retinopathy 2e chronic, uncontrolled HTN. Pt's with hypertensive retinopathy can also present with "cotton wool spots" and "macular star". Pics on FA 2019, p. 299 +2
surfacegomd  Pathoma (2018) p. 69 +

 +4  (nbme22#28)
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sMot oonmcm aecus of snelcip veni ismtrhosbo si ohicnrc titapsarince, uedcsa by oenpvriues i.afnimtlnoam

er:Scou 05wnm/

hyperfukus  great link! helps answer other qs too thank you :) +

 -21  (nbme22#31)
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eivnG hatt he'erts yonl a 1 yad ihsryot of BSO, 'Im nlenaig reom twarods orbla Mbaey 'tatsh osla tahw's ncgisua eth S3 at het LB?SL If sit' phSta seuAur, I usseg ew dcoul eb logoink at euact erotdindisca + u?nmoeinap Or Q eFe?rv utB ts'tah just lsauneopict. Culdo sola tusj eb ttha eht glun adcotolosiinn is taerginl dbloo lwfo, gieadnl to the akbc pu onti teh giRht muirtA ↦ nieVcl.ert

brise  Patient has CHF from the S3 heart sound and has MR. You hear fine crackles in early congestive heart failure. +15
usmleuser007  No Infection - normal temps ; Q-fever presents with A patient with exposure to waste from farm animals who develops: a. nonspecific illness (myalgias, fatigue, fever [>10 days], b. retroorbital headache) c. normal leukocyte count d. Thrombocytopenia e. increased liver enzymes +
saulgoodman  This patient has CHF. But it kind of sort of seems like he's presenting with a PE. +

 +6  (nbme22#44)
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uYo nca sllaiycab itkhn fo lcrioamuD as An afrM.riwa:O elsepeDt vitnami K ciseSrnoset nmViiat K is nledvoiv ni mgmaa yboatnicaxlor of roasctf 2, 7, ,9 &p;am 10, oyu cna sue eth brtnPhiomro miTe to eraumse eth ponsr.ees riomhotrnbP tiem rsaueesm eth itcxniers whatayp of t,aiuloognca hicwh si lianym metdeida iav troaFc 7.

 +9  (nbme22#38)
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lec-lI ssaieed oi(culnisn cell isesulposme/odiiadcis ytpe eniI—tiIe)rdh yomlsoasl oresgat dsrodi;er tdecfe in 1cegtpslloiofyynseta-esus-lcmhohNprnaraa- ; reifaul of the gGiol ot ltrhpopeahoys ; aonmsne ieseursd omheppnssn(--e)t6oaah no clgoosypetirn t-;&-g ienprost ear dceseter alrllctuelyraex ehrart ahtn ldevieder ot myole.ssos steuRsl in aosrce fcaila aes,ufret ignvliga py,sehpraila ocduled sreca,on rtceetdrsi ointj etmsnoe,vm cwal anhd difmeto,isre oioosylkphc,iss dan ihgh psaaml levlse fo oloysmlas mz.eeyns eftnO alfta ni h.cidlohdo

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