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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#23

A patient in the early stages of hemorrhagic shock ...

A weak pulse due to decreased stroke volume

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submitted by dr.xx(47),

Hypovolemia is a direct loss of effective circulating blood volume leading to:

  • A rapid, weak, thready pulse due to decreased blood flow combined with tachycardia
  • Cool, clammy skin due to vasoconstriction and stimulation of vasoconstriction
  • Rapid and shallow breathing due to sympathetic nervous system stimulation and acidosis
  • Hypothermia due to decreased perfusion and evaporation of sweat
  • Thirst and dry mouth, due to fluid depletion
  • Cold and mottled skin (Livedo reticularis), especially extremities, due to insufficient perfusion of the skin


Ambiguous question but in because it is early shock, there is not enough time to activate the RAAS to increase kidney perfusion.