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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#22 (30.9 difficulty score)
A previously healthy 6-year-old boy is ...
Does anyone else in the family have an itchy rash like this?🔍,📺

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submitted by welpdedelp(242),
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welpdedelp  **person-person lol +6  
suckitnbme  NBME loves their scabies +16  
dentist  did you get scabies from "burrows" and "night itching" +  
pg32  My question is where do you get scabies originally? I knew it was transmitted person-to-person, but thought it has to originate somewhere (a pet possibly?) so I went with pets. The internet only seems to say that you get scabies from another person with scabies, so the question remains: where do people contract scabies from? +  
leaf_house  @pg32 , long quote: + "Sarcoptes scabiei mites seek the source of stimuli originating from the host when they are off the host but in close proximity to it. This behavior may facilitate their finding a host if they are dislodged from it and contaminate the host environment. Thus, direct contact with an infested host may not be required for humans and other mammals to become infected with S. scabiei. In the case of human scabies, live mites in bedding, furniture, toys, and clothing can be a source of infection. Sarcoptes scabiei var. hominis have been recovered from laundry bins in a nursing home." + from here: +  
zevvyt  to summarize leafhouse: Fomites +1  
surfacegomd  FA 2020 p.161 "transmission through skin-to-skin contact (most common) or via fomites" +  

submitted by rockodude(23),

when we were in our derm block our course director said that on boards, burrows=scabies every freaking time

submitted by bmd12(4),
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