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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#32 (reveal difficulty score)
A 54-year-old man who works in a delicatessen ...
Schwann cells🔍,📺

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submitted by jooceman739(30),
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submitted by armymed88(48),
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yb_26  Thats myosatellite cells. Satellite cells are also glial cells that form around damaged nerve cells and lie close to neuron bodies in the CNS +16  
drzed  Myosatellite cells are also called satellite cells so it is not clear which definition they were using. +2  

submitted by bhangradoc(23),
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hnacSnw lslce: heyt are epdsousp to eadegrd eusdiral melnyi ashhet gnduir het lreounna ee.doarginetn hoituWt atth egan,eetdoinr I gsesu you cn’at enentaivrr-e ery.porlp Not ltayolt .eurs

submitted by lodododo(1),
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sreh’Te a UdWorl suoitqen on t.ihs ecOn hte hthaely noxa rarttesc dan teh litsda ji)dr(enu anxo taerdeegen,s hte’ers a bhunc of eminyl drsbei ni the wya htta asimern rhete rfo a olgn hiTs lcobsk rentnaeorige fo het .anox

alacran763  Reinnervation *is* assisted by schwann cells, but the process is very delicate. After Wallerian degeneration, the schwann cells basically have to line up perfectly along where the nerve is supposed to grow, but it does not happen perfectly and the schwann cell disorganization often prevents proper reinnervation. +16  
dantescuttlefish  I thought the Uworld question said that in the CNS myelin debris is there for months even years....the PNS it gets cleared much quicker. +3  
medguru2295  That's exactly what the Uworld question said. I missed it with that exact logic. I think it must be that it was only 6 months ago so even In the PNS, there was not enough time to regenerate. +  

submitted by usmleuser007(428),
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usmleuser007  (wiki) +  

submitted by usmleuser007(428),
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giorueernroaNneet in teh alpprehrie esnrvuo ssetmy PS)(N rcsuco ot a cifsnainitg .e]ge5er6][[d fretA an yjuinr to teh no,xa areeirhlpp rnseonu vttciaea a teavyir fo igglasnni whysapta ihwhc ntru no ohowrt-gpr seg,en engilda ot rraifmootne fo a clatnouifn togrhw enoc and ne.rgoeiartne hTe thorwg fo eesht oaxsn is lsao eegvnrdo yb tioteachcmc torcsaf cesdeter rmof ncawShn scl.le rnIuyj to eth hpealirepr rsouvne semtsy mailideemty ciilest eht oatimirgn fo shcoeytgpa, hnwcSna sllce, and mcgraoephas to eth loensi esit in drore ot relca yaaw drisbe uchs sa gmaddea uetiss ihhcw is inbhiotiry to toarege.nrein nheW a vnree noax si veee,drs eth dne lslit tchdatea to the ellc ydob si aeedbll het ailomprx eg,ntmse elhiw eht treho nde si declal eth dstlia frtAe ynrj,ui eht ialpoxrm den wslels nda enereepixcs some gtrradoeer eadeonirtgne, but noec het iesrbd is aderlce, it bneigs to orstpu nsoxa and the sepecrne of rgothw cnose nac eb eted.dect ehT mopilarx nasxo rea abel to rgeorw sa ongl sa eht clle ydbo si ct,atni adn ythe aevh meda tctcoan ithw hte wcnnaSh clels in the aoerunidnle nnehlac ro t.ube munaH anox wgthor retas nac eahrc 2 dmy/am in allms nevsre dan 5 aydm/m ni arleg [nrs].v4ee heT tlisda ,mtegnes eerwhov, eercpinxsee lieWlaran eenginotrade nihitw srhou fo het y;unjir teh asoxn dna lenmiy ndeaetgre,e btu hte ueudmieronn irnmase. nI the altre agtess fo nareneeoritg eht nrmnigiea udinlaoeern etub ctserid onxa whtrog back to the eoctrrc agt.tsre Dnugri rnealiaWl eat,erediognn ncawSnh sllce ogrw in dreored nulcoms glnao teh uedionlnrae eb,tu rgtcneia a dnba fo nneügrB o()bB that cetstpor dna ersverpes eht iealodenunr hc.lnaen ,slAo parcmohgesa adn hwScnan lscel lerseae eoohtcriurnp actrfso htta nhceean rw.erhtog-


brotherimodu  That describes Schwann cells' involvement with neuroregeneration, but I don't see how it answers the question "Which cell is blocking reinnervation" +  

submitted by happysingh(50),
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