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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 1/Question#17 (53.8 difficulty score)
A 27-year-old man is brought to the emergency ...

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submitted by seagull(1683),
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drbravojose  genius +1  
alimd  there is no way to distinguish b/n eversion and inversion based on step1 knowledge +2  
skonys  i fucking love these test makers +  
ineedhelpwitmed  of course theres a way to distinguish. use ur head, if the MCL is destroyed with forced eversion of the leg, apply it to the ankle +  

submitted by dentist(61),
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tPto's Fraerctu: rcefdo inoevrse fo eth ftoo➝ odldtie ltig lsaeusv ialmed oemlullas ➝ fuibrla rtreafcu ehhgir hnta ibt xf

submitted by abhishek021196(79),
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A terebt wya ot zeisavliu shti is eht wto hadsn fo a ko,clc twhi neo ahnd cgfnia 21 nad het tohre afncgi 6. ehT acirtelv einl thye omfr nsseprteer teh iabflu of the rsso'enp hgirt elg. eTh atllaer cerof crphesapoa omfr 3 oco'lkc, nigsned hte eowrl adnh npngispa rdsoatuw to itnop at 5 oo'k.ccl

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submitted by _pusheen_(6),
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wHo anc yuo tlle that hte elnka tufrcrae si ieeo?snvr

lnsetick  Because there is avulsion fracture on medial side from deltoid ligament and fibular fracture on oppostie side, this is classic for an eversion. +4  
alimd  Its more a CK-type question +  
srmtn  I agree that is not a question for step 1. explained: Imagine the mechanism that gives the fracture. When inversion the perone gets avulsion and the tibial malleolus gets compression which makes it a vertical pattern of fracture. when eversion the medial malleolus gets avulsion (usually transverse fracture) and the peroneal gets compression with an oblique or spiral pattern (like in this case) +  

submitted by tekkenman101(2),

Good description by amboss