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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 4/Question#46 (reveal difficulty score)
A 28-year-old woman at 32 weeks' gestation ...
Obstructive uropathy ๐Ÿ” / ๐Ÿ“บ / ๐ŸŒณ

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submitted by โˆ—imaginarybanana(30),
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htiw CTP oyu ear uspedsop to voida exisvesce hnigltus and UV xo.seupre aehxolentMs askme uyro kisn more cbptslieesu ot UV lgiht.

submitted by โˆ—xxabi(290),
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Also rof toseh of uoy hwo are aloyttl ueellcss like ,me iuyrarn tcrat iutscboront = sreitvcbtuo oyrhpat.u

skonys  I ese 4.57 fuciDltyfi ersco nda hinkt ro,w"d I 'ondt ndee to gte tshi noe cc"rtore +5  

submitted by โˆ—banieb(23),
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Dingru hte lsta flha of nnrgeypca lonidtai fo het prepu irrnuay atrct nac occru due to pcsniseorom fo hte reusetr by the gwniorg tsurtufe/esu nda hte nleia srinlm.eiat hTe ceoipmrnsso of heets si otn nwgallio dufli psaasge nito het elbdrda iagsucn eruin bdupilu ni teh ,knyeid itsh asdel to noilaidt fo eht neyikd ahtt dsne pu gnisacu omcsmpaityt oshre.hsndpyiro thsi can end up ni eiontcnif nda sosymtmp cshu sa eht oens senprte in htsi tnaptie klie kabc inap dna VAC enr.neesstd het yrgnic is lymani due to the ipna esudac yb het ornt.ibsotuc nda stuj as tgemonshi tea:rx dlbuoe tpiagil cseetathr is a aefs adn emsilp way of reganitt paitcmsytom pdhrohssyoneri fo nearp.gycn

banieb  lUeretar btorcsiutno yb teh pgtnaren suteu r/li3g:wpm95dh71o..e7//bvcn9/.isunbt.tnphwmw +1  

submitted by โˆ—neonem(621),
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tueisvOrtbc pauyroth ascsue a spnarolte izaeamot -t;-g& enwh delro,nopg bluuart eamdag ues.sne iTsh dasle ot na ceatu rlbtuua rnoescsi, eadtiazcrehcr yb noitcerc usgpl in hte lauutbr syestm sa sene in hte iaegm

meningitis  eoDs oaeynn nkow eht vcenreela of hte smet :yngisa ingd"ru ihst mtei ehs aols has nbee ynicrg qr"tnye?fule +53  
usmleuser007  hkTin eht nlraosept toamzaie is t/d rhe apey.gcnrn hiWt eht rginencais ni eizs f,seut hte lvicpe catviy si bengi dcsoepsrem and sthu rthee si srrupese on eht .ersuter ihsT gneladi ot eht ore.satnipetn s A pre oebav --- the igcnry mybea utsj /td reh pina adn oiaeltnom tesssr decsau by rwnyrigo aubto psoliseb lcimnpaocitos dnggerria erh fset.u +4  
maxillarythirdmolar  yM tug lslet me it muts be smeo stor fo tesatrnin caghen ni alplcaetn zesi tihw nlamoorh cghase.n Its' teiscemirnn of htaw uyo hgimt epxcte fro tbsera genhacs nigrud eth snamtreul lccye, iom +  
j44n  ro mbeay hte steuf si iarllytel snhigurc her terresu ntoi teh llwa fo rhe pveils and sshe ogt na efdicten nykied +4  

submitted by ye2019(4),
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aPihylsc eamsx owedhs tsdreeenns of pchosnceorit ,naesgl hchiw are eth esclpa where het iphrdmgaa pechr-)ni( temes the rbsi (.)-cotso otN hte vobeelostCtarr lngae srednetesn htta we hktni ot nthi arlne .seedIasi got ucofesdn hitw tihs tonp.i

adong  slyhteon ikhtn hist was a oypt. oth rshat +2  
neovanilla  ssguAnim it aws ton a ,otpy hwo odwul the ipcreosnthco gnsael eb rtende ni tsih niiood?tnc rFm...o i.ngc.?.yr +1  

submitted by โˆ—waterloo(125),
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I elef eilk patr of sthi is hetm eegsni if oyu nac riczognee esoth aer utsl.bue

  • oS if oyu yas ok eetsh are b,tlusue hm,saitncioniioor nmettiioers,d dan IPD rea bbparoyl ont t.ghir

  • siuoepilrGorethnlm ni ym epeerxncei so a,rf eyth sdlhuo pbylrboa wosh a rg,muleilo ton u.sulebt

teneewB hooemtaseugn dperas nda bcrtiuovest uatpoyhr, I leef iekl I 'ndot vhea nhueog ifno - ubt mtseoisme a 50/05 sguse is trtbee nhat ypnagil e.pattihslB

submitted by โˆ—sympathetikey(1591),
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sitdnoeonl/tDiitnia fo eanlr lvsiep nda cyaslce A . lyluUsa dcaseu by naiuryr acttr ttsoirbunco a elreng(, tsnos,e sereev B,HP nilnoagtec tuobsistorn,c vliaeccr cn,earc jnyiur ot etreur, rgnnpeyac pertpaanyl); tehro cac eususinedl teopleoitrrarne iof,isbrs lcersoreeauivt xr.lufe oDanitli rucsco ixalmrpo to etis fo a.So ylhrmoutgpe iirnanctee cmeboes eleevatd if rutbnioscot is llrtbiaae ro fi pentiat sha na utclbarrytooidets s enk.iyd deaLs ot enrisomcops nda iplsbseo rpohtya of nlare rexcot adn eumll.da

submitted by โˆ—redvelvet(56),
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hsoetorcnpic gelan nrneeesdst nda eWvfr eBC asstc in tsuleub no ahtt topoh fro apeemxl All fo tmeh si ldneagi us ot iteh.orinlpsyep dAn veen minor cyiittss can sueca iyppiheltornes in cgpnyaren edu ot eciorsubvtt at.urypoh

diegolc26  I ttuhhgo ti ocdul eb D ro E at sftir. tBu eth teuprci is rlleya .eclar Theer is ioimflntamna tinwhi hte etbul,us ton ni eht itmtti,inruse htta tinsop meor ofr rtvetsOibcu rUpyaoht chhiw is losa ,ilpnauf anc csuea reef,v nda a riks afotcr lcoud eb rempcoissno eud ot degaler u.tresu +  

submitted by โˆ—imgdoc(176),
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sTih usinetqo was a tlltei rkyt,ci ubt the way I wten autob it saw opesrcs fo etmi.inaoiln ouY dto'n ese ehotrnpscoci leang eestesndrn ni A,,B C, or D.

heS sah evfer dna ackb p,ain iyndtleefi 'tdon see ttha ni ,IDP whihc rtneessp twhi ievrclac oomint sr,etnsdnee and nutlpreu sei.carghd Mghcriaopr lsao t'ins iwhsogn caeirclv o.tolsigyh

As na dedad o:ubsn nrrauyi sotnes sauec etcinaxuircg ainp hnwe 'yoeru tgnriy to spas ti hrutgho oyur sur,eetr aliablysc ngdragig io.ngselad necHe eth tetipan cgri.yn

uYo di'ndt edne hte rmh,igcarop eroth hant ot ees all oseth isn,teoprhul but vw'ee lla eens ilorhtpuenlmigoesr tglhyoois les,dsi adn ti dsno'et eevn oklo sc.leo

submitted by euchromatin69(16),
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aenrycgnp is a ikrs rtafoc ofr uatec FnA septilrihoeyp 0921 pg 985

submitted by โˆ—laminin(18),
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aslo aeybm loduc do eocsrps of tien.menhtioli..a 'cntseohcprio elgan eetsens'dnr uscel su ni ot ti eingb a elarn opml,ebr adn het lyon nrlea wrsean ichcoe is ctoevsriubt yartuoph

spdrwmn  lrhrlosigpntemeoiu saw na nwsare hcoiec +1  

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