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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 2/Question#42 (34.5 difficulty score)
A previously healthy 32-year-old woman is ...

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submitted by loopers(9),
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hello  Patient in hypovolemic shock - the clues are low BP and COOL skin. Hypovolemic shock is caused by fluid loss. The patient has decreased preload b/c of fluid loss, i.e. there is decreased blood volume returning to heart --> thus decreased preload. +8  

submitted by hello(349),
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eaPintt ni cheiopovmly oskch - teh cesul rae wol BP dan LOOC isnk. poeclvioyHm sochk is aeucsd yb idluf l.sso

hTe teapint sha aeeecdrsd elpdoar bc/ fo udfli ssl,o ..ei etreh is dedseaerc ldboo vmelou nrrgitnue to rhtea ;-t&g- usht esdecdrae eadr.plo

endochondral   why not dec SVR? +  
sup  @endochondral w/ hypovolemic shock you would see increased systemic arterial resistance as arteries will constrict to try and bring BP back up. +2  
eacv  @endochondral dec SVR it typicaly of septic shock. +1