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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#26 (38.3 difficulty score)
A study is conducted to assess the extent of ...
Type I error: No change;
Type II error: decreased


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submitted by bhangradoc(23),
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hTe vulP-ea si lycislaab eytp 1 ,rerro nda tyhe peke the -aepvlu hte eams (ta t&5)0.;l in othb eroivnss fo hte rtesipe.enmx By sniaeigcrn numreb fo sienptta in het rgpu,o yhet ceienars oprew fo eth ,tduys iwhhc eurcsde ptye II .reorr

jfny21  Thank you +1  
baja_blast  For more, FA 2019 p. 262 goes over Type I and II errors. +  

This logic is flawed. They have kept statistical significance level same (alpha - 0.05). p value is probability of committing type 1 error. It is calculated (derived), can't be predecided. alpha-level is pre-decided.

+3/- b1ackcoffee(59),

submitted by sam1(18),
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fI neynao nesed a freesrerh no teehs ltitacstais po,neccts nKha has a aibilnlrt o:evdi


submitted by _pusheen_(6),
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No cegnah ni ytep 1 rrore and eesdraec ni ytpe 2 ?roerr aCn onoemes elsepa ixaepln ?yhw

bhangradoc  The P-value is basically the type 1 error, and they keep the p-value the same (at <.05) in both versions of the experiments. By increasing number of patients in the group, they increase power of the study, which reduces type II error. +4