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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 3/Question#14 (reveal difficulty score)
A 57-year-old woman comes to the physician 2 ...

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submitted by βˆ—nala_ula(123),
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submitted by βˆ—ilikecheese(47),
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umpalumpa  Shouldn't it be mammary vein the answer? The breast cancer in question vignette is MEDIAL (medial part of the breast gives blood to mammary veins. The route should be: breast-->mammary veins-->anterior IC veins-->posterioir IC veins-->vertebral venous plexus. Therefore, the most direct pathway is provided by going through the mammary veins. +  

submitted by βˆ—mcl(631),
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submitted by βˆ—monoclonal(24),
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yb_26  this one is the best, thank you! +1  
canyon_run  very nice! +  

submitted by βˆ—the_enigma28(55),
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srmtn +  

submitted by βˆ—d_holles(208),
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