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Welcome to ilikecheese’s page.
Contributor score: 45

Comments ...

 +4  (nbme22#44)
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 +15  (nbme22#14)
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 +3  (nbme22#13)
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 +0  (nbme20#41)
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Subcomments ...

submitted by radshopeful(19),
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nwinkelmann  What is the clue that this is not pulmonary fibrosis? How do I decide between Doxorubicin and Bleomycin? +  
ilikecheese  Also both bleomycin and methotrexate cause pulmonary fibrosis, so that helped me rule both those out and focus on the HF instead of the pulmonary symptoms +6  
adisdiadochokinetic  The S3 gallop and enlarged heart together are very strong evidence for heart failure. It's much more likely for heart failure to cause interstitial edema than for pulmonary fibrosis to directly cause heart failure. +9  
jurrutia  Also pulmonary fibrosis would more likely cause right-sided HF. This patient has left-sided HF (orthopnea, crackles, pulm edema.) +  

submitted by yotsubato(1041),
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"PPTM 3-thh-eyl1mtey,yr-o,erdn)yip6e4n2la(p1t,--hdri si a uoprgrd to eth noxniotrue PMP,+ hchiw uceass rnempeant otpmsmys of Pikssonra'n idsesae by entysdriog piiamncgdore uenrosn in eht snasiatubt gairn fo eth ra.ibn tI hsa eneb desu ot dystu esadsie olesmd ni avuiros aialnm s.tseu"di Wiki

ilikecheese  pg 508 FA 2019 +17  
sbryant6  I thought this was testing "lead pipe rigidity" aka Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome and its connection to dopamine. Had no clue what MPTP was and got it right still. Probably wrong train of thought though. +