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NBME 22 Answers

nbme22/Block 2/Question#42 (21.2 difficulty score)
A 75-year-old woman has taken 12 ...
Plasma renin activityπŸ”

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submitted by privwill(20),
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htballer55  Afferent artery dilation* +5  
link981  There is decreased afferent renal artery dilation (less blood flow) leads to increased renin release from the juxtaglomerular cells (located near the afferent artery) to try to increase blood flow. I got it wrong but after reviewing saw my idiotic mistake. +1  

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submitted by lilamk(10),
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I am so s!fnoudec ehT lnoy goicl I ldcou emoc pu w is that IsASDN aerecsde tdaoilin fo aerneftf areerolit so ihts eomr oecrncidstt eeirotlra si ndreteiretp as deresdcea oblod owlf nda nReni nrace?ssei My eiuss w tihs is atht hewn I lgogoe ti and rhseca WU rfo isth nnire tfafce nohitng smcoe up ylon eaitrcl I lcuod ifdn utyaacll stadcorntci ti dan says nirne owudl EDESCARE mfor SDNsAI legnaid to eth kymereaaplih ew esostiemm ese ...

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generic_login  I used that reasoning to pick C, but in looking it up now it seems like you are right ... There appear to be a bunch of mistakes on this test, and it’s not giving me a lot of confidence for the real thing. +  
mee48  I think it is because NSAIDs inhibit the local prostaglandin (PGE2) in afferent arteriole β€”-> less AA dilation β€”-> stimulation renin release. I think my reasoning came from sketchy pharm nsaid video but I can’t 100% remember +  
keycompany  NSAIDs constrict the afferent arteriole. ​ A. GFR would decrease due to decreased renal blood flow. B. Renal Blood flow would decrease. C. Renin would increase due to renal hypoperfusion. D & E. PGE2 and TXA would decrease (by MOA of NSAIDs). +4  
fallot4logy  UW says that Nsaids is one o +  
fallot4logy  UW says that Nsaids is one of the 5 drug categories that is able to cause hyperkalemia.Specificly ,Nsaids lower PG andrenin secretion .PGE2 stimulates JG cells to secrete renin...(how can i delete my previous unfinished message,lol?) +1