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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 3/Question#19 (40.5 difficulty score)
A 23-year-old man comes to the physician ...
Area labeled ‘B’ (Mitochondrion)🔍,📺

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submitted by usmle11a(83),
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gyus tshi iveod napsxeil oalt

submitted by jinzo(15),
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A - slnucue ( ithw leouuncls dsenii ) B - dioioachmtnr C - RER ( uoy can ees dahtteca isrsmboeo D) - ?? aym be oemssyslo E - elyggonc agneurls

weenathon  I don't think A is the nucleus, It seems more like a lysosome with digested material inside. If you watch the video below it shows the relative size of the nucleus to the mitochondria - a nucleus would be MUCH bigger than the mitochondria +5  
weenathon There are very similar looking pictures in this article, it must be a peroxisome +3  

submitted by lianallado(2),
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Tihs eitanpt eepsntrs with a hanriocmotlid apymtyoh ecnsi the rsroidde si tdnhireei rfom het e.hrmto oatlricdhiMno tipmyhsaeo hwos ead“grg erd fbrse”i no uslcme yipsob ued to hte ctocnmiulaua of desaedsi tihrcoaondim ni eth aealrusocsmmb fo hte lusemc ref.ib

submitted by qfever(52),
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oDse ynenoa wkon whta are A, ,C D? orF C nto erus fi its' nigioptn ot eht rbsesomoi on .ERR

(m'I nsmgiaus E is geolngyc usgrlnea sedab no a ctmenom wel)!ob

drdoom  see @jinzo’s comment above +  

submitted by usmile1(119),
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osed enyoan nkwo tawh eth ttseruruc E si pgtnioin to?

thomasburton  Not sure looks like it might be free ribosomes or other such small cytosolic structure (I picked E too, thought B looked way too big!) +  
targetusmle  same here!! marked e thinking of it as a mitochondria +1  
msyrett  Glycogen Granules! They are not membrane bound and float freely in the cytoplasm. +4  

submitted by hombremasorca(0),
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yonenA indf a brlpoem ithw the smte? esmSe ot em ahtt ti dtsne'o pehl to staet r,wh"eveo shi fa'thrse iserts and lrhicedn aer dn"cefaf.ute eW aalreyd nwok het tmoauitn rsun ni the 'smhtoer sid,e gth?ri tI semes like that ttseemant dsno'te icaddrs nor cfrnoim nay ctnereiianh .ttanepr hyW duolw ew race btuao eht 'tpsentia stfarhe' sie?d

bbr  It just further helps to tell us this is mitochondrial. I guess they are doing us a favor. +