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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 2/Question#10

A 70-year-old woman is transferred to a ...

Activity level before the fracture

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submitted by monoloco(75),

This is indirectly asking about peak bone density. That whole thing about weight-bearing exercises, eating right, yada yada, before and during that down-slope phase of life for bone density. All about reducing that 1% per year age-related bone density loss as best as we can. Level of activity is precisely like weight-bearing exercise. (Consider: no activity, bed-ridden -- say goodbye to your bones; highly active, runs every other day -- good amount of weight-bearing / stress to induce remodeling and maintain integrity of the bones.)

sympathetikey  Yeah, I was thinking about that while taking the exam. Just got thrown off because I don't see how that matters, now that they've fractured the femur. How do prior increases in bone density allow for better chances of bone healing? +4  

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submitted by sherry(10),

This is the second best choice I was gonna take during the exam. I thought Age was better since FA indicated decreased estrogen and old age are the reasons for bone resorption. Can somebody explain to me why Age could not possibly be the answer?

kard  I solve it like this: So age is 70 (already, nothing we can do to change it), is asking about a predictor of success in the Rehab process (So basically, what this patient did in matter of activity, life style, etc. to have a Good rehab process). So From all the answers the, Activity level is the most likely choice because of the, increase in Bone density(Specially Weigh bearing) and OsteoBlastic activity. +4