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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 1/Question#48 (32.4 difficulty score)
An otherwise healthy 4-month-old girl is ...
Spontaneous involutionπŸ”,πŸ“Ί

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submitted by kernicterusthefrog(118),
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I sloa had ulteicifdsif whti htis, eieasplycl wF/A ebngi os ivreedba.bat hTree si eno owrd ni AF atth lpeh,s dna thne I veha a lkin rfo roem ion:f gows"r idyplar dan ssresreeg aoseunnptlsyo yb 5-8 aersy lo".d hciWh esanm 'its oend hiwt its nonvliuito hpase by .neht hTis NBCI lriatce le:hsp eTh Lsnssoe I nerLeda ormf a nmHiamageo Ccniil RLDT: adpir htrwog srcuco ofr eth itfrs wfe tmnh,o lfdooewl yb a efw htmson of est,r nad tnhe yraes fo .itinouvlon cSien the iquonste si gknais ahtw hesppan revo 5 ry,sea het toyaijmr of hatt item is ntspe in nonivluoit shaep. peoH isht

whossayin  totally not NBME related, but I think you username is brilliant lol +4  

submitted by strugglebus(165),
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heT rtrasebyrw niseomagmah tden ot wgor adn hetn anmldryo ltnui.ove

medschul  My problem with this question is that a strawberry hemangioma should continue to grow until 5-8 yrs old so I did not see the answer choice "Continued enlargement as the child grows" would not be an acceptable answer as well. +10  
merpaperple  I still don't get that. Over the course of the next 5 years, it will 1. continue to enlarge as the child grows, and also 2. spontaneously involute. Both answers are literally correct. +  
fatboyslim  "Continued enlargement as the child grows" implies that the strawberry hemangioma will continue to grow and will not regress with time. That's why it's wrong I think +1  

submitted by usmleboy(11),

I just want to add that I hate this question and I am not sure why the NBME loves to use the worst grammar imaginable.

We all know strawberry hemangiomas spontaneously involute after 5-8 years... why don't they just ask this? Why do they insist on ambiguity of phrases? Why are my board exams trying to trick me with poor english?

Rant over.

submitted by humble_station(69),
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In 1902 FA wSaebrrrty inemaomhag -- it psraaep yaerl ni ei,fl gowrs dlpriya nda seseesrgr auopsnnysolte by 8-5 erays old

oS in 5 aeysr siht eaognmmhia liwl pnsosoeyuantl uenivolt

submitted by emh(7),
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d.pxt."eece vroe eth netx 5 "ryase = ti lwli rwgo sutj klie 'ist idngo !nwo It llwi ysploeosuantn euntivol but ton eovr het exnt 5 esrya - meayb in 5 syea.r