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An otherwise healthy 4-month-old girl is brought to ...

Spontaneous involution

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I also had difficulties with this, especially w/FA being so abbreviated. There is one word in FA that helps, and then I have a link for more info: "grows rapidly and regresses spontaneously by 5-8 years old." Which means it's done with its involution phase by then. This NCBI article helps: The Lessons I Learned from a Hemangioma Clinic TLDR: rapid growth occurs for the first few month, followed by a few months of rest, and then years of involution. Since the question is asking what happens over 5 years, the majority of that time is spent in involution phase. Hope this helps.

whossayin  totally not NBME related, but I think you username is brilliant lol +3  

The strawberry hemangiomas tend to grow and then randomly involute.

medschul  My problem with this question is that a strawberry hemangioma should continue to grow until 5-8 yrs old so I did not see the answer choice "Continued enlargement as the child grows" would not be an acceptable answer as well. +3  
eliassam1  It says what will happen over the next 5 years......so you literally answered your question. It will grow, and what will happen in 5 years is that it will go away +  

In 2019 FA Strawberry hemangioma -- it appears early in life, grows rapidly and regresses spontaneously by 5-8 years old

So in 5 years this hemangioma will spontaneously involute

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"..expected over the next 5 years" = it will grow just like it's doing now! It will spontaneously involute but not over the next 5 years - maybe in 5 years.