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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 1/Question#26 (32.5 difficulty score)
Serum cholesterol concentrations are measured ...

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submitted by strugglebus(172),
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oS ouy onwk htta 5%6 of teh tdaa iwll fall twihin 1SD of het .amne So if uyo racsttbu 0516-0 oyu liwl teg .35 chWhi easmn ttah autbo %16 illw lalf aoebv nda %61 wlli allf woble 1 S.D ehyT rae nkasig rfo woh yamn wlli llaf eabvo 1 .SD I'm seru hteer si a ettebr wya fo dnoig sth,i ubt staht hwo I gto it oll.

sympathetikey  Same! +6  
sympathetikey  Except according to FA, it's 68% within 1 SD, so 34%, which split in half is 17%. +2  
amirmullick3  Sympathetikey check your math :D 100-68 is 32 not 34, and half of 32 is 16 :) +8  
lilyo  Can anyone explain why we subtract 68 from 100? This makes me think that we are saying its 35% of the data that falls within 1SD as opposed to 65. HELLLLLLP +  
sallz  @Lilyo If you consider 1 SD, that includes 68% of the population (in this case, you're saying that 68% of the people are between 296 and 196 (1SD above and 1 below). This leaves how many people? 32% outside of that range (100-68=32); half of those would be above 296 and the other half below 296, so 16% +5  

submitted by smpate(15),
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oT etg ihts eon rgih,t oyu duwlo aehv ot kwon thta noe addtnrsa nvitoeaid ayaw from eth aemn no a bell eurvc si 3%4 on eerhit ides. rtfeA taht ti wlodu eb ernahot %1.35 tub( oirzmmiegn taht si olw dy)iel. koniLog ta teh fpieicsed aeg rgpuo, ew ntwa ot kwon owh mchu is gaerert than teh emna lups 1 dansadtr n.adiveoit oe,refTher %05 (hte a)men pusl %34 (1 rdatasnd oveadi)nti si 8%4. The setr si 08-014 = .16

I odfun ihts maige olnien fro tlracyi


bbr  Is the plus/minus sumbol always used for standard deviation? Or can it be used for confidence interval. +