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Welcome to medskool123’s page.
Contributor score: 29

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 +1  (nbme24#7)
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how did yuo oknw ti wsa a rsrwyrabet ahmieagnom dna otn a orpt neiw i?satIn ohtuhtg I ahd hist neo ni teh kabn

kateinwonderland  Me too! TABLE 1 Classification of Vascular Lesions Vascular malformations (flat lesions) -Salmon patch (also known as nevus simplex or nevus telangiectaticus) -Port-wine stain (also known as nevus flammeus) Hemangiomas (raised lesions) -Superficial hemangioma (also known as capillary nevus hemangioma) -Deep hemangioma (also known as cavernous hemangioma) +
krewfoo99  Because they describe the lesion as cavernous vascular channels +
covid2019  After looking into it, port wine stain comes as part of Sturge Weber SYNDROME. Given that this child was coming in for a well-child examination, they're implying there's no other symptoms (SWS would have signs of other vascular malformations like in the CNS--> epilepsy). +

 +1  (nbme24#31)
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anc eoenmos nipxeal yhw ihts is nto ?nartsouitcnd asLt mnbe I siad cunotnjgiao adn tog it gnorw rfo tnn.cdatiros.u htsi one I asy nitosrtnuadc adn its unani.ojoctg

pseudorosette  I would say because this happened between two bacteria, but in transduction what causes the acquisition of bacterial resistance is coming from a bacteriophage, which is a virus that infects bacteria, but that is never hinted at the question! +4
medpsychosis  Quick Overview of the involved topics and answer choices that are relevant in this question: Transduction: Involves phage, cleaves DNA and takes a part with it as it is packaged. Generalized is when is happens by accident. Specialized is an excision event. Transformation: bacteria takes up naked DNA around it and incorporates it therefore becoming "transformed" e.g. (SHiN) S. Pneuma, H. Influenza type B, and Neisseria. Transposition: Jumping from one location to another within same bacterial organism (e.g. from chromosome to plasmid) Conjugation: Above mentioned plasmid gets transferred from conjugal bridge from one bacteria to another. +16
wowo  FA2019 p130 +1
zbird  Easy here...first both are G-ves which likely have a sex pilus and if cultured together as in this case transfer their plasmid. Transduction need phage. Transposition is exchange of genetic material inside the bacteria b/n the dna and the plasmid or vv (FA2019) +

Subcomments ...

submitted by m-ice(339),
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Tsih ligr sha ooMn scdeua yb rnrs-teBpiaE rsi.Vu Teh smmpotsy are tielelavyr gea,uv tub tlyahedyppnmhoa klei htsi ldowu be oomcmn orf n.oMo The CCB ohsws tdevalee y,ypelcsmtoh lynigpmi hsti is otn a atrlbieca nilssel, so ivlar is eiykl.l Cidonbme hitw eht yntadhamhyol,ppe stih aksme su rrwyo tobau ono.M eTh -nMoSopot stte orf VBE is hatw teh ntisouqe si rfriergne ot ewnh drbscengii teh hpese sytrthoycree ugginglitaat.n mFor e,erth siht qenuoits urieeqrs ahtt you wnko ttah in EVB ontinefci, VEB nfetcsi B sllce, ubt dseo ont ausec tehm ot ocbeem anar.molb sneI,tad D8C l,ecsl chwhi ear vlityace ntrygi to llki eht B llecs, bmceoe .nrblamoa

medskool123  NBME does trick now and then.. when they zig you zag. then when you think they are going to zag, they zig just to destroy yourself confidence. +17  
kylemax  The abnormal T-cells are known as Downey type II cells (Sketchy) +3  
haliburton  I was recognized EBV, then knew EBV infects Bc, and the atypical lymphocytes are Tc. Then I said CD8 are MHC1 for virii, and bingo bango, boom. +6  
trichotillomaniac  congrats you played yourself +3  
lilyo  Soooooooo EBV infested B- cells is not considered atypical WTFF?? +  
med4fun  They are atypical b/c usually you do not see a super high amount of CD8+ in peripheral blood. Now there are a ton to try to stop the infected cells. +  
aneurysmclip  oh and primary CNS lymphoma caused by EBV has T cells NOT B cells. I just try to remember the peripheral blood has atypical lymphocytes which are CD8+ T cells, and the CNS lymphoma is the opposite, ie; B cells +  

submitted by lsmarshall(415),
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I httugho tshi was a ckitr uistneqo cnise skin ccensra ear het tsom mnocmo etpy of esnaccr roave.ll tuB luatlayc gonam VHI ptnisae,t aHVltIdeer- acsrecn rae cuhm oerm mncmoo tnah -dtor-VneIeanHl arnscce (evne skni re).saccn diEBenV-udc mipyarr SNC pmylahom is teh ylon pionot atht is siA-ieDdIgfnn l/isnnaesccrel.

medskool123  why not hep B? i guess another whats the better answer ones... Just rem reading that it was more common with aids pts.. anyone have an idea about this? +1  
haliburton  Yes, I think CNS lymphoma as an AIDS defining illness wins the day. My thought was since SHE has AIDS it is most likely from IVDA, which has a high risk of HBV that could go undiagnosed for a long time. at 32, that might not be long enough to have HBV and get HCC (but with no immune system...?) +3  
yotsubato  God damn this is such BULLSHIT... +13  
trichotillomaniac  Why you gotta do me dirty like this NBME +2  
sars  My thought process, usually wrong all the time, was that HBV (IVDU) can occur to anyone. Acute hepatitis to Chronic occurs when HBV incorporates its DNA into host and releases mutagenic proteins. This is regardless of immunosuppresion. Primary CNS Lymphoma reappears primarily when you are immunosuppressed (organ transplant, immunodeficiency, HIV/AIDS). +  
syoung07  Hep C is far more likely to become HCC than hep B +1  
jurrutia  Even if you were thinking skin cancer is more common, that's only true for basal cell and squamous. Melanoma is rare. EBV much more likely in aids patient. Even H pylori was a better answer. +  

submitted by neonem(568),
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sTih eitptna ash an bntaeuls domo dan a acyrz ehstnoirlpi.a sSh'e sloa stitiglnp a( ndfeese sehcimamn hinweer eon csat ekil pelpoe are lgaolo-d or ldb)aa-l as seh lstka touba teh chspaniiy nad her wersok.roc hsiT ashticarctreci is tosm nmyloomc eidoasctsa wtih ndlereboir tsnolpraiey rreoids.d Tshi oen si in Gurpo B "dWl("i), lnaog tiwh ,sonlaictia ir,sotncihi dan

medskool123  i get why its borderline now (I guess I kind of always thought suicide was the biggest part of that) but can someone tell me why its not paranoid? Is it just a matter of the "better" choice? The "youre the only one i can trust" thing lead me to that. +1  
drmomo  same here +  
aneurysmclip  Paranoid is where they don't trust anyone or are weary of people. because she said she trusts only the physician can be a bit confusing, but she describes her coworkers as jerks, not that "oh they're out to kill me, they're government agents watching me" +  
boostcap23  Splitting association with borderline in FA 2020 pg 555 and 565 +1  

submitted by mousie(216),
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A neeT wtih enocntiji of htbo ctvcnniauoj = ewde uocdl olas be bugsnai thore gruds sI 12 rayes ldo and ofur ostmnh jtsu oto dlo dan too olng of a eimt ofr it ot eb omgi?peit I rdonrewa ti dnow ot esthe two nda degusse tub... I wn'tas eurs I dlcou anelietim ti.

medskool123  I picked impetigo because of the gold stippling... I guess I took that as honey crusted lesions. F*ck NBME. +8  
yotsubato  Huffing gold spray paint. A la the chrome huffers in Mad Max +7  
subclaviansteele  LOL I think that might be what they were going for here. Gold spray paint. +3  
et-tu-bromocriptine  Anyone know what may be causing his weight loss and unwillingness to eat? I thought too much into it and put "mercury poisoning", since I thought the heavy metal's abdominal symptoms may have caused him to not want to eat. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ +3  
covid2019  I'm not sure about the pathophysiology there... But I do know that inhalants are popular in places where there's extreme poverty. I spent some time abroad, and one of the patients was using inhalants to take the edge off the hunger, so that she could spend her money on food for her kids instead. She also worked on the streets so I guess it also made it easier to, you know... +2