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submitted by m-ice(321),
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medskool123  NBME does trick now and then.. when they zig you zag. then when you think they are going to zag, they zig just to destroy yourself confidence. +16  
kylemax  The abnormal T-cells are known as Downey type II cells (Sketchy) +3  
haliburton  I was recognized EBV, then knew EBV infects Bc, and the atypical lymphocytes are Tc. Then I said CD8 are MHC1 for virii, and bingo bango, boom. +6  
trichotillomaniac  congrats you played yourself +3  
lilyo  Soooooooo EBV infested B- cells is not considered atypical WTFF?? +  
med4fun  They are atypical b/c usually you do not see a super high amount of CD8+ in peripheral blood. Now there are a ton to try to stop the infected cells. +  
aneurysmclip  oh and primary CNS lymphoma caused by EBV has T cells NOT B cells. I just try to remember the peripheral blood has atypical lymphocytes which are CD8+ T cells, and the CNS lymphoma is the opposite, ie; B cells +