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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 3/Question#21

A newborn is born with a lethal chromosome defect. ...

Feed by whatever means necessary to maintain comfort

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submitted by yotsubato(401),

"Do no harm"

Starving the baby or withholding food is doing harm. At this point you provide palliative care until the death of the baby. If the parents decide to "pull the plug" then they can do it, but as the doctor thats not your choice.

cry2mucheveryday  Why not 'give foods according to normal caloric requirement'? +5  
hpsbwz  @cry2mucheveryday because feeding to the caloric may be too much or too little for this baby. considering the baby's crying only resolves with food, if you've already reached the limit, are you just not going to feed the baby? that's how i thought of it. "maintain comfort" is the key phrase. +2  

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submitted by medulla(7),

lethal chromosomal defect - > he is going to die -> maintain comfort

Is this basically just a "maintain quality of life" kind of question?

medstudent65  Its a stupid as shit question. Some of the ethics questions on these new NBMEs are horrible. +9