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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 1/Question#10

A 77-year-old woman has been having difficulty ...

C7-T1 foraminal stenosis

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submitted by hayayah(244),

Little finger = ulnar nerve.

C8-T1 are the roots of the ulnar nerve, which is a branch of the medial cord. The ulnar nerve is not found in the carpal tunnel (the medial nerve is).

Ulnar n. damage can lead to loss of wrist flexion and adduction, flexion of medial fingers, abduction and adduction of fingers (interossei), actions of medial 2 lumbrical muscles. Loss of sensation over medial 1 1/2 fingers, including hypothenar eminence.

sugaplum  Also to add: since it is a bilateral sx it is more likely to be coming from the spinal cord then from equal compression of ulnar nerve (in guyons canal) on both sides. unless she is a cyclist +