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NBME 20 Answers

nbme20/Block 1/Question#5

A 24-year-old African American man comes to the ...

Pseudofolliculitis barbae

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submitted by hayayah(603),

Foreign body inflammatory facial skin disorder characterized by firm, hyper-pigmented papules and pustules that are painful and pruritic. Located on cheeks, jawline, and neck.

Commonly occurs as a result of shaving (“razor bumps”), primarily affects African-American males.

Images: shorturl.at/fpwY1

tyggles  A good way to remember this is that the word Barber comes from the French for beard (barbe) and these rashes will be in the distribution of a beard. +  

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submitted by hungrybox(433),

I did this by process of elimination:

Acne is not itchy or painful from my experience (Choice A).

Never heard of cutaneous lupus eryhtematosus, but I'd asssume you'd have a malar rash (involving the nose/undereye area), not spread out over the cheeks, jaw, and neck (Choice B).

Keloids are just overgrown scars. Scars are not particularly itchy or painful (Choice C)

Rosacea is just redness/flushing in certain areas of the skin. Mainly an aesthetic issue. Not itchy or painful (Choice E).

tbh I was between B and D.