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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 4/Question#48 (26.3 difficulty score)
A 2-week-old female newborn of Mexican ...
Why don't you continue with what you're doing, and let's try changing her to a different formula.🔍

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submitted by link981(134),
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vreHowe dei,wr ouy ahve ot tceespr hte psitt'aen fleesib as lnog as hyte r'ante gpttniu hte rbnnoew ta In hseet yptes fo eionqutss ouy haev ot dubil itnpina-aeihypcst tosnsaiheiplr bcaeuse eht patient hgmit emcbeo dfoefden if you rdseigdar hitre ie.lesbf So iwleh eht rnweobn msot ileykl hsa sga dna not eht" live ,e"ye hecico E is the ealts figd"nfoe"n nerasw ahtt sstgguse enrme.ttta

charcot_bouchard  Exactly. If she was cracking the egg on Baby's head u stop her lol (i am cracking up on my own jokes) +3  
jesusisking  I feel it but dang, she lowkey drizzlin salmonella all over that baby +2  

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submitted by seagull(1112),
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"hwy to'nd you otps waht yre'uo oding bceueas tis' .olcudsu"rii l--tacau enraws

sympathetikey  Mam--mam. Put down the egg, mam. +15  
woodenspooninmymouth  I spent sometime in Guatemala last year, and someone told me that the egg thing is uncommon. What is common is giving their children a small gold bracelet. The bracelet is supposed to prevent the evil eye, dunno how. +1  
arcanumm  I think this is a terrible question, but "not a lot" of evidence to support what she was doing is what I had picked. I realize now that is a lie which must be why it is wrong: there is NO evidence to support it. +  

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submitted by imgdoc(128),

I just realized that the answer I selected would've been considered passive aggressive: "Have you considered talking to a faith healer to see if there are any other measures you should try?"


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I came erhe jtus ot erad teh nmcmseot

JM at hte ievom eshtraet nagite pnorcop mmee

azibird  Same! +  

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uthoS otu to Dr. .ragnBme fI ouy nowk oyu kown. .

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submitted by dr.xx(129),
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... hatt nda a cpsyh tslunoc orf eth ozchsi