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NBME 23 Answers

nbme23/Block 3/Question#4 (80.4 difficulty score)
A 31-year-old primigravid woman at 32 weeks' ...

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submitted by stinkysulfaeggs(103),
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Ddi eyonan lsee go wond he:t es'sh vpynteoihse os ybame el'hls egt roaseteuwh cnrdieisrfeh ryodesnm abesecu innghot eles is amnkig essen to me at this i??potn? eortu -

surnT ,uot seeerv ilamraa acn ecsua aivocrudsrlaac leacplos nad s.opotnihyen

redvelvet  me too :( +2  
abigail  me three :( +2  
yex  Me four :-/ +2  
link981  Slowly raising my hand as well +2  
tinydoc  Sammmme +2  
bullshitusmle  same here!!!:@ +2  
usmlecharserssss  patient has malaria with obvious picture and clinic, i answered because only thing associated with liver was hypoglycemia +13  
aisel1787  me five( +1  
myoclonictonicbionic  I was thinking that she is hypotensive which can cause an infarct of the pituitary (since pituitary is growing during pregnancy) and therefore she'd have secondary adrenal insufficiency. +2  
alexxxx30  sammmeeeee +  
snripper  Dumbasses unite lmao +  
usmleaspirant2020  lol saaaaame! +  
usmleaspirant2020  lol saaaaame! +  
anechakfspb  me also :/ sitting there trying to figure it out during the test I thought I was so smart too - like "wow nbme, way to tie in micro and endocrine, not getting me though!" ... i was wrong. +1  
veryhungrycaterpillar  I have no idea how I got this right. +  
feanor  And here I was thinking that maybe I'm the Lionel Messi of interpreting stems by diagnosing it as Babesiosis lols. +  

submitted by thomasalterman(161),
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arMilaa nac mipari cpeaith esngesoouncigel adn nac loas ceumosn ecosgul rof its onw acimetlbo ed.samnd

yotsubato  Truly a bull shit question... Its not in FA, Sketchy or Pathoma +57  
meningitis  I will try to remember this by associating it with P. vivax, that stay in the liver (liver=gluconeogenesis). Thank you @thomasalterman. +9  
focus  ADDITIONAL INFO: If we were asked to identify the stage of the lifecycle, it would be (intra-erythrocytic) schizont stage: Life-cycle: +1  
dul071  i solved this question by seeing that there are hemolytic inclusions resembling parasites and that they require glucose being a living organism, hence hypoglycemia. +  
curlycheesefriesguy  I knew that malaria causes hypoglycemia but i saw the word drowsy and like an idiot thought it was african sleeping sickness +  

submitted by kai(28),
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I tihkn ere'w nghkiint too ahdr on ist.h eTh setaarips rae gsncmonui lal rou au!sgr So splemi ttha i'ts rdha.

submitted by nwinkelmann(311),
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S.o.. eIv' eneb yntrig ot iugref thsi uot nad I thkin I ogt .t..i

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submitted by kard(47),
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submitted by macrohphage95(8),
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submitted by syoung07(38),

How do you pick which malaria species this is? P. vivax and ovale can remain in the liver so I figured hypoglycemia was a result. But I also know that P. falciparum can cause issues with the brain, lungs, and kidneys. I was between adrenal insufficiency and hypoglycemia for that reason.