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Welcome to stinkysulfaeggs’s page.
Contributor score: 92

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 +4  (nbme23#16)
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Me ndgaier tsih stnuiqeo set:m ....o.d uyo mnea iwhch fo teh figlnwolo YNZSEEM?

 +2  (nbme23#9)
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If eht irmyalbtaon swa msgnioeth omer ifle ,enrehnaitgt unt'owdl het ftris toanic be ot llca eht aieirc?tiandp I aws khngiint, bmil emirettxy tghim aemn oimsthneg slee oemr suoisre was haegnpnpi oto -;t&g- dnee iaicaiperntd hirtg ywaa ot .dx

tinydoc  I thought about that but then I ruled it out as with the NBME ethics questions the answer is almost never to defer to someone else. The question doesn't ever tell you what type of doctor you are for you to be referring to a different more specialized physician. Also I assume that they think if there was something wrong you could handle it. +2
llamastep1  Out of all the questions (UWorld,NBMEs etc.) I can only think of 1 question where you had to refer. +1
targetmle  even i thought pediatrician should be called as after all, every newborn is screened by pediatrician and in this case, he had abnormality! i still wonder why would gynaec comment on that! +

 +29  (nbme23#4)
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Did oneyna eesl og odwn he:t essh' ihsenyteovp so ymeab hlse'l etg sewurothae rideicefnhsr rneymsod caebues nthiogn esel is kmagin eenss to me ta hsti ??piot?n oerut -

nrTsu ,out seveer maaailr can ucaes drisaaucaovcrl cloaepsl and .ieohpnnotys

redvelvet  me too :( +1
abigail  me three :( +1
yex  Me four :-/ +1
link981  Slowly raising my hand as well +1
tinydoc  Sammmme +1
bullshitusmle  same here!!!:@ +1
usmlecharserssss  patient has malaria with obvious picture and clinic, i answered because only thing associated with liver was hypoglycemia +9
aisel1787  me five( +
myoclonictonicbionic  I was thinking that she is hypotensive which can cause an infarct of the pituitary (since pituitary is growing during pregnancy) and therefore she'd have secondary adrenal insufficiency. +
alexxxx30  sammmeeeee +
snripper  Dumbasses unite lmao +
usmleaspirant2020  lol saaaaame! +
usmleaspirant2020  lol saaaaame! +
anechakfspb  me also :/ sitting there trying to figure it out during the test I thought I was so smart too - like "wow nbme, way to tie in micro and endocrine, not getting me though!" ... i was wrong. +1

 +8  (nbme23#38)
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eyK :wdrso a"t isth mte"i dan nc"a be uel"lhfp

Teh wrnsae to ihst oiqesutn sn':it getar - now we'er goign ot etak mhi off eth ntev eucaseb yuo tlod us ht'sta wtah he deawnt.

nbmehelp  ^^^ exactly +

Subcomments ...

submitted by sajaqua1(524),
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eTh aeinttp has a proir tosrihy fo yhsttcmoryee ihtw aibtlrale -lnpy,aopsomcrtihegooo adn edicrvee erexlant ebam iaraotind ot het eTh tptaien now lsadsipy syhrhsrnopdeio nda royre,druthe htwi tsdali arlretue nanorgriw atrle.alibyl The ilseliket ptnioo is thta ew ear negsei dinsesaoh mofr uvoeprsi rgysrue ctsocrtin teh ete,rrus iasugnc h.tsi

E) iUeolalthr imoncrcaa olsa( lcdlae naorainittls clle nairccaom) is slao a bi.spsiytoil thWa ksmea shit ukiynlel is teh clatoio:n eblrlat.ia Teh rroip tsemyehrtyoc nda iltaarlbe o-otmhsilpcoparnoeoyg wlodu aveel racs teusis on otbh sdsie fo eht yb,od but eth dsod fo llahietour rcaincaom rgsiina elrilybaalt are rvey l.sim

)A The ttineap had a s,yerhmotcety so the dosd fo uerrrcten elcvaicr cicrnamoa aer osal ndyreiiblc olw. )C dan )D arleUrht dlmooyanc adn ehlrtrau laoatnnisitr elcl polaapilm ear ni the gnrow otoncali to ntccuao fro tablrlaei urtlerah warinorgn tiwh .hreudtryeor

stinkysulfaeggs  Great explanation - just one addition. The retroperitoneal fibrosis could also be a direct consequence of the external beam radiation. It's linked to both causes. Either way, it's a better fit than urothelial carcinoma (in retrospect). +13  
spow  Why would the onset be 15 years later though? +3  
drzed  I was thinking the same thing @spow. I had put urothelial carcinoma, thinking that a field defect would result in bilateral tumor. +3  

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Seh jtus etleopdcm the uoecrs fo iuxrabim,t hwihc gsertat DC20 trceorsep. ell-cB fcicdneyie acn pesseopdri to ablitcear ecofnns.iit

)b MB lafuier is ton tsoaaiecds wiht a )icixtrmbu )dnwgro r ew)nog hits uccros n/wi 17-0 days fo artsngti ttnmetae,r nda oudlw not rccuo erfat gtplneicmo a mt4hon- orcsue of ub.aimxirt

meningitis  Forgot the time frame for Serum sickness and got it wrong.. thanks @thomasalterman +20  
stinkysulfaeggs  Same. Crap. +2  
medstudent22  Taking it one step further - B-cell depletion = decreased Ab secretion = decreased opsonization. Opsonization with subsequent phagocytosis by spleen = #1 mechanism by which encapsulated bacteria (ie Strep Pneumo) are degraded. +1  

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evEn fi you nddi't chwih eon cveotr wsa aAamp,nlsa I vbeliee iehcco A asw eth oyln eno ni which hobt rmonsagsi dsareh het sema roe.tvc

stinkysulfaeggs  Agreed, that's how I made my final decision! +  
alexxxx30  yeah I literally had no clue what anaplasma was, but came to the correct answer the same way +  

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rselcaVi eiimasasnihsl suaesc ltnhaopesaegloyemp nad smot totml,nyrpai n.atoypcipena tI si oenft nfodu in loeppe who iisvt hte iMlded satE nad si artsitnedmt yb eht nl.Sfday hWy idd ENMB utp 2 ahLeaiimns eqsouints no thsi fomr lol

stinkysulfaeggs  tell me about it... I got both in one block and started seriously reconsidering my answer choices! +11  
rongloz  I got both questions within 5 questions from one another! I was seriously doubting my answers haha +1  
faus305  Visceral Leishmaniasis affects about 0.001% of the world population each year so it only makes sense to have two questions on it.,to%20400%2C000%20or%20more%20cases. +  
underd0g  How do you differentiate leishmaniasis vs malaria? I picked malaria because I thought, no way leishmaniasis is on here twice. But doesn't malaria also cause splenomegaly, fever and abdominal pain? is the key differentiator PANcytopenia? +  
faus305  @underd0g, correct no Pancytopenia in malaria. But also malaria probably would've said the patient was in Africa. +1  

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ondIerfm enotncs hudlso eb dnbtaioe yb a dirovpre owh has sefiucftni glendkweo to eivg na tracceua ceitoprdins of teh entn,nitrvieo teh ksri nda ,efeinbts aenvlttriae mnttsatere dan to srnwea lla of eht in'psttae tquniosse

stinkysulfaeggs  Hate this question though... the first thing you would have to do in this situation is refuse to do what the resident asks you to do. Then you could accompany them.... +10  
peqmd  If not for the additional "refuse to sign consent". I think the answer would have been extremely straightforward. +1  
dyckim4  I was taught that that the person who is operating should get the consent that's why I got this wrong.. +1  

submitted by bigjimbo(46),
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oiistEopmy is uct romf againv to eht ielnrpea obyd ofr dlhci itrbh

btl_nyc  But why is it external anal sphincter instead of bulbospongiosus? Aren't both attached to perineal body? +1  
stinkysulfaeggs  Bulbospongiosus connects to either side of the perineal body. But if you go directly posterior rom the commissure you hit the anal sphincter +13  
need_answers  I just think about how women say they done ripped their asshole while giving birth +3