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Mild jaundice with increased unconjugated in an older fellow is decreased UDP-glucuronyltransferase activity. Particularly in context of stress (appendectomy)

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The poodle is hypoallergenic, and a 10/10 good boy.

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I treated this like Werdning Hoffman/SMA ("tongue fasciculations"), and just kind of accepted it being weird to be in a 55-year-old.

dr.xx  SMA4 (Adult-onset)?

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Lifting head while prone: 1 month Social smile: 2 months Cooing: 2 months

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If anybody has a good way of distinguishing/remembering all the different presentations for genital sores, I'd appreciate the help.

hungrybox  Pls post as a separate post and not a comment to this tho. The formatting for these comments sux
whossayin  Assuming u have UWorld, just type sexually transmitted infections.. that table is the best IMO

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My thought process was if the mother has increased TSH, she'd be using more iodine to produce T3/4. Meaning less would be able to get to the baby for brain development.

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Arthropod for sure, but for the record I'm pretty sure this was Chikungunya Virus. Only got this from a UWorld question as I hadn't seen it until then, but apparently the arthralgia is really bad, which is what drew me to the answer.


meningitis  More like Zika Virus (Same a. aegypti vector) since it says she has rash associated to her bone and muscle pain. I had Zika one time (i live in Puerto Rico). Remember also dengue and Zika are Flavivirus. Dengue can cause hemolysis (hemorrhagic), and Zika is associated with Guillen Barre and fetal abnormalities.
nala_ula  I'm shocked that I found a fellow puerto rican on this site! Good luck on your test!
namira  dont be shocked! me too! exito!
niboonsh  Dengue is also known as "bone break fever" which makes me think its more likely to be dengue due to the "excruciating pains in joints and muscles". https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4242787/
dr_jan_itor  I was thinking that its Murine typhus transmitted by fleas
monique  I would say this is more likely scenario of either Dengue or Chikungunya, not Zika virus. Excruciating pain is common in those, not in Zika. Zika has milder symptoms of those three infection.
jakeperalta  Can confirm that Chikungunya's arthralgia is pretty horrible, from personal experience.

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