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Welcome to pjpeleven’s page.
Contributor score: 3

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malassezia_furfur  FA pg 486 +  
malassezia_furfur  FA 2020 pg 589 +  
pjpeleven  Some mnemonics: PDA (Prostaglandins Dilate Afferent) ACE (Angiotensin II Constricts Efferent) +2  

submitted by tissue creep(112),
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pg32  Where do you guys learn that cooing starts at 2 months? It isn't in first aid or boards and beyond so this was an annoying question for me +1  
drschmoctor  @pg32 From being a parent! Otherwise little chance I'd remember all these milestones. +4  
drzed  I'll get right on that @drshmoctor :). If only I could have a kid to memorize all these damn developmental milestones. That would make life easier haha. +6  
snripper  Yeah, I don't see cooing anywhere. +  
teepot123  thankfully a lot of my friends on insta keep posting pics/vids of their babies reaching milestones so im well updated lol +1  
pjpeleven  Mnemonic: "Coo at Two" +1